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    Hi everyone,
    I'm Erik from The Netherlands. Currently living with my family in Holland again, but missing life in Indinesia every day.
    I lived in the Minahasa, North Sulawesi for 10 years.
    If possible I sure will go back one day to Indonesia.

    Interested in topics that are about living in Indonesia, business topics and experiences shared by others.

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    Hi Erik , we are also interested to read about your 10 years experience in Minahasa .

    Do you want to go back to Minahasa or to other place ?


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      I worked for a Yayasan (social foundation) to help poor and handicapt people called Yamaru.
      I had a great time working there and lived in a small village just amongst the local people. We had a big scolarship program to help students from poor families, we build a home for handicapted children, started a Akademi Fisioterapi, a micro-finance cooperation for small entrepreneurs, some Agricultural projects and more. Many things to do. My work was mainly management, economics and organisation. Also I worked free-lance for the Dutch ambassy as a representative in Sulut. Besides that I was a bit of a hobby-farmer. Growed rice and corn, fruit, chicken etc.

      My biggest passion is pigeon racing and I have a lot of contacts in Indonesia among the pigion fanciers who mainly are on Jawa. So I dont know yet where I want to live when go back. For my hobby Jawa would be a better place to be although last week the first racing pigeon club was started in Manado so there is now a possibility to do my hobby when living in Manado of the Minahasa.