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Hey all

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  • Irishcrusader
    started a topic Hey all

    Hey all

    Hi everyone

    I'm a 20 something man from Ireland that has been travelling and living abroad for the past 5 years. I'm now living in Bandung. Although I've lived in other places in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand), Indonesia seems to be a different tiger altogether so I'm hopeing those here can help me out with any questions or concerns I might have. For a start, I'm currently dating a local girl from Bandung who I met online, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of questions from me relating to that
    I make my living as a freelance writer.

  • syaifulmajid
    Ireland and Indonesia have very different culture and social relation

    Hope you meet someone who can understand both cultures

    Just to inform you that many of Indonesian are Moslem and they have their own religion that is strict to some violation that in european countries is a usual activity.

    But do not worry, because most Indonesian are very polite and easy to talk so if you have some problems you can ask them and they will gladly help and also talk about the rules and other culture and religion information concerning some relation especially between women and men

    For other information you can reach me on my whatsapp/line number +6281227848066


    Have a nice relation mate...and enjoy your life in Indonesia

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  • Ariobest
    Hello, I'm live in bekasi. If you go to bekasi and want to meet me. It will be nice. Because I need a friendfriend from other country to practice my english. Just pm me if you want.

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