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  • Hello from Us

    Hi everyone,

    This is a joint account of Ms. A (Chinese-Indonesian) and Mr. R (American)
    We are engaged and planning to get married in Indonesia but we don't really know the process/ steps that we need to go through to get married
    We've been reading both of your website and forum for quite awhile and they help immensely to clear out some major confusions
    We can see ourselves asking a lot of questions here in the future, so please bear with us

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    The links bellow are general guidelines . In Indonesia it is recommended that you ask about the required documents to the church/Catatan Sipil or KUA where you intend to marry , as what are required may differ a little from one place to another .


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      Thanks a lot for the links, Marcus

      I believe that we have all documents needed for church wedding and the civil registry. We also have a prenuptial agreement ready to be signed at the end of this week. We got all of the informations mainly from this forum and the website so we're really thankful.

      Now the only thing we need is to get his SosBud Visa. We might be doing it after the marriage. Anyway, he is allowed to get married on VoA, right?