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Best value coastline/low priced area to live?

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  • Best value coastline/low priced area to live?

    Hi. I've lived in Jakarta and now currently living in Bali. I'm wondering for those of you who have lived around the country what you think is a great place to live for low prices. I'm interested in building a home long term for my wife and I to settle. We want to go somewhere that has beautiful coastline that we can build a house on and have a perahu to go out in clear water. We would need a place that at least has decent internet connections available. We cannot afford to do this in Bali and would prefer to live in more quiet peace. What do you all think?

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    Im also interested in such a location , been searching in java but no luck


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      There are certainly many cheap great places , but I think the problem will be the internet connection . It seems there are already some companies providing internet via satellite (see links below) .

      Note : search for something like : internet via satelit di Indonesia


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        you can try lombok island...


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          Lombok I agree has a beautiful coastline and clean water , but limited shopping for imported food and there are some issues with other facilities , land prices as far as I know are not that cheap ,also it would be difficult to find a little peace over there its not known as "the island of a 1000 mosques" for no reason.
          During my search in java I found some peaceful places in east java on the coast , but way too expensive , ya its a tough search.


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            Originally posted by tel522 View Post
            ... but limited shopping for imported food ...

            Do you know that , if not food that needs to be kept refrigerated , you may buy online ?


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              ya marcus , but the refrigerated products are what I would miss , I thought about this b4 in java .