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Mall or Supermarket in Malang, If you need a hint!

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  • Mall or Supermarket in Malang, If you need a hint!

    Hello, for people who will be live in Malang for short or long period, I will give you some suggestions where you can shop food or others. Talking about shopping, must be remind us about mall or supermarket, and Malang, even it's a small town but they have malls but do not expect as big as you found it in Jakarta or Surabaya.

    There are :
    1. Malang Town Square or we called it Matos, located in Veteran street near with Universitas Negeri Malang, Brawijaya University and ITN (National Institute of Technology). Next to Matos, there is MX Mall, both in the same area so if you can't find what you want in Matos you can move to MX Mall, just 2 minute by walk. You can find many restaurant, cafe, kids playground, boutique, saloon, Gramedia bookstore and also Matahari Department Store in Matos. I found some expatriates in both of mall, but not a lot, so you can try this when you are near from this street. You can find 21Cineplex here, if you want to watch some movie. But, please check the movie list in the website first or find the application on Play Store for Android users. Matos is also have HyperMart where you can buy anythings like meat, vegetables, fruits, groceries also some electronics.

    2. Cyber Mall located in Dieng area, if you asked people about this mall to others you can say Dieng Plaza, the old name of Cyber Mall. Dieng Plaza was a mall before but, since they are open a new one named Malang City Point, they changed into computer and laptop mall, so if you want need something about laptop, computers or related with that you can go here. But they still keep 21Cineplex in their top floor, so you can watch movie here, but still need to check the movie list on website or application first. Near Cyber Mall, it's 5 minutes by walk, you can find a bookstore named Togamas which they have a good price but, maybe they have limited imported books or maybe almost none, but you can buy stationery there. :-)

    3. Malang City Point, as I mentioned before, it's next to Cyber Mall where you can find Starbucks, J.Co Donuts, ACE Hardware here also some others cafe and boutiques, to be honest, I just once come here and it's only for J.Co Donuts, so I can't tell you the details about this mall. But, I found some expatriates here with their family, so I guess it is a good place to come.

    4. Sarinah Plaza, it was located in center of Malang, you can find it near big churchs, big mosque, and city park. Sarinah Plaza is place where you can find some small malls around. Ramayana, Gajahmada Plaza or Malang Plaza. There are McDonald's and KFC near Sarinah Plaza. You can find XXI Cinema in Sarinah Plaza, if you want to watch movie with a big chair. Sarinah Plaza also have a batik boutique, so if you are crazy with batik, traditional motif fabric of Indonesia, you can find many of them here, bags etc. Malang Plaza is also have 21 Cineplex and you can find gadgets stores here, where you can find best price, best quality and service center area.

    5. Dinoyo Mall, it's located in Dinoyo area, near with UIN, Islamic University of Malang and they have 21Cineplex but it's not big as Matos, so you can find some restaurant there. I never been there so I can't suggest anything about this place. Near Dinoyo Mall, you can find Giant Express, place where you can find fruits, vegetables, meat also groceries,you can buy all you need for your daily life here.

    6. Malang Olympic Garden or we called it MOG. There is a place you can find department store, Giant Supermarket, some restaurant and cafes, ACE Hardware and Informa, saloon and many things. It's place to go when you need something. I found many expatriates come here, with their family, with their expatriates friends or just alone.

    7.Plaza Araya, located in luxury housing area, Araya. It'snot big mall but you can find Giant Supermarket here, cafes, restaurant or playground.

    Let's talk about supermarket then...
    They are some supermarkets that I can suggest,
    1. Giant Supermarket. The big and complete one located in MOG, Malang Olympic Garden. Others located in Dinoyo near Dinoyo Mall, Plaza Araya, Jalan Kawi Atas, in the same route with Cyber Mall if you go from MOG

    2. Hero Supermarket located in Sawojajar where is a hectic area but the Hero Supermarket is have expensive price since they claimed that they sell the best fruits, vegetables or meats.

    3. Carrefour located in Letjen S. Parman street. It's the same like Giant. You can buy anythings here include some home electronics like rice cooker, blender.

    4. Hartono Electronics, located in Letjen S. Parman street, the same like Carrefour, a place where you can find any electronics there, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, laptop, printer, rice cooker, blender, handphone, anythings with best price and many variants of brands

    5. LaiLai Fruit Market, place you can find fruits, vegetables, meats, groceries, foods and some other things for your daily life. The best things in LaiLai is you can some imported products here, no wonder they always have many customers everyday. I found some expatriates here especially who live with their family.

    6. Avia is like LaiLai which located Jaksa Agung Suprapto street, located in corner of the intersection so you can easy to find it. I found some expatriates with their family here.

    Well, it's a long information about mall and supermarket in Malang. If you have difficulty about their location you can use Google Map. If you need to go with a safe and cheap transportation you can use GrabCar, Uber, or Go-Jek and you can have them on your phone by download it on Play Store.

    I hope it will help you guys....!!

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