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English-speaking real estate agent in Bandung

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  • English-speaking real estate agent in Bandung

    hey folks,

    I'll be moving to Bandung in December and I was wondering if anyone here knows a good realtor/agent who can help me finding a light, spacious 2BR house/apartment to rent in north Bandung?

    thanks and have a beautiful day.

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    I live in Bandung but I don't know . When I was looking for a house to rent , i searched in the internet for "sewa rumah atau apartemen kecil di Bandung utara" , or similar (translate with Google) . You can also contact the agents : see their address at .

    I think you will neither find many English speaking agents nor many 2 bedroom houses . Two bedroom apartments are a little more common but usually more expensive than houses (as many compete with hotels , renting by day/week) . It would be good to know too that the owner/agent may give you a higher price if he/she knows you are a foreigner .


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      Hi DariJerman,

      Have you find the realtor or house in Bandung? I'd like to try to help you, I am not a realtor but but I'm an Indonesian living in Bandung, the easiest way to find a house for rent, is through websites:,, are some of them.

      although it is probably right that you gonna have some problems to find realtor who's good in English Lang. Though there are a lot of houses for rent here, big or small, fully furnished or not, it's depends on how much you willing to spend.

      Pls try the website addresses above, if you still find it hard or needed help or maybe advise, you can contact me here or direct to my email. I have lots of friends here in Bandung, I can ask around for a rent house in north Bdg.



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        Hi DariJerman,

        I'm Felicia. I'm currently living in Bandung, and have been helping expatriate to find a proper home for them to live in Bandung. I can help you with the search, so you don't need to contact a lot of people to make appointment to look for a perfect house for you.

        If you interested, you can contact me trough whatsapp at +6281809093407 or you can email me at [email protected]

        It will be great if you also mention your requirement and budget.

        Thank you!

        Have a good day.


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          Originally posted by Felicia.Janet View Post
          ... I'm Felicia. I'm currently living in Bandung, and have been helping expatriate to find ...

          Could you tell us if you are a foreigner with Work Permit + KITAS and is this your main job ?


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            Hi DariJerman

            I would like to inform you good realtor/agent in Indonesia include Bandung city , you can find on link below . Good luck!
            Proses sosialisasi tentang perumahan murah dan KPR subsidi harus dilakukan secara efektif untuk mencegah berbagai persepsi keliru di kalangan masyarakat