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    Originally posted by indoroids View Post

    sentul city

    in the past, sentul city is called bukit sentul
    there are many problems associated with bukit sentul, enough for potential buyers to blacklist this area because of bad management
    finally the management claim themself a bancruptcy

    new management taking over and replace its name become sentul city
    it is the largest independent city housing, planned to be like BSD or Lippo Karawaci where every facilities will be there without having go to bogor or jakarta, except for few things only.
    behind sentul city, the area callled bukit hambalang (valley) is where prabowo subianto live. he's nominated for presidency this year, he's ex military general for elite squad, very wealthy one, he own 5 acre land there, having few horses worth Rp 5 billion each.
    very prospective area since there would be BORR highway (Bogor Outer Ring Road) that can cure traffic jam inside Bogor itself. without BORR you need more than one hour to go to jakarta and vice versa, with BORR it will take less than one hour.
    easy to predict that some part of Bogor crowded will moved to sentul city as well.
    the view here in sentul city was excellent, there's lake view, mountain view, golf view, you name it.

    average pricing land there is around 1 to 2 million per meter square, but if you buy from previous owner directly, you can push down to Rp 600,000 - 700,000 per meter square. of course it takes lots of work and survey to get such cheap price.

    it's worth to invested in short. me by myself planning to buy land there just for investment. i intend to use it for my old age retirement house because of the view itself is very calm and relaxing.
    Hi Indoroids Greetings
    My name is Tan and I am leaving in Tasmania since 1997. I have a piece of land in Cijayanti ,on the top of the hill at the pinacle overlooking the Bukit Sentul cluster.My contact is 613427525661, email is [email protected] ; Feel free to call me if you are ever in Tassie.I have a 1315 sq m land which have panaromic views of the Bogor and Jkt city on a clear day.would like your advice as to current value and potential.My friend owns the adjoining piece of land at about 785 sq m.


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      Hi , could Thread contact Indoroids and link us up.Thanks


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        i live now in Senul City since 1st December and i like the area because of fresh air and the possibility to relax in a quiet area. Bogor is not far away and Bogor provides everything for living. the only point in Sentul City are the empty stores at the shopping areas (New Amsterdam etc) and the bad maintanance of those buildings.


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