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  • Childrens Playground Equipment: Indonesia

    Hi All,

    I am desperately searching for a childrens swingset: such as a flexible flyer fun fantastic swing, a 12ft trampoline and a little tykes playhouse. I have searched unsuccessfully online to buy in Indonesia and Singapore, although I can order through I currently live in Batam and am wondering whether I can buy this equipment either locally or at least in this country!!

    Your help would be appreciated as I am trying to order it in time for both my sons birthdays in April.


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    Maybe call over to Bintan Lagoon hotel (I think that's the name, anyway, it's one of those overly expensive Bintan resort hotels on the beach and with a golf course) and ask them where they got their equipment.


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      Hello! My wife and I have been here in Batam for around 4 years, and I work at Sekolah Global Indo-Asia.

      Try this website for play houses:

      They are based in Singapore and sell all sorts of playhouses. You may be able to get them to ship on the ferry or something like that.

      There are also online classified ads like

      Or you could try Edukits in Batam Center, they sell the Singapore newspaper, and they have a decent classifieds section.

      Oh, I just remembered, there is (or was) a kid store right next to Edukits. Try there as well.

      EDIT: check them out as well, playhouses and jungle gyms
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        Thanks to you both for the information. I'll try Edukits in Batam Centre first: I'm happy just for a newspaper which I can read as my indonesian is coming along slowly!! Awesome links too! I was looking at the prices (and trying not to have a heart attack: Children just cost you a fortune!!) and am wondering if it is just as pricey to buy from Amazon Global. Have you had any experience from ordering online. I have not ordered products to be delivered from overseas before.......


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          Haven't tried Amazon Global in a while, but I could imagine paying a bit at customs. I had my eyeglasses shipped over and they wanted crazy money in taxes. I'd already worn them, too!


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            Hmmmmmm....thanks for the heads up!!


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              Hi. Visit this web address. You could find so many play equipments for kids here. They provide countrywide too.