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    Hi, the long summer days have made me question the meaning of my existence and I am currently at a loss.

    In other words, my friends are too busy working for me and I am completely bored.

    Therefore here I am, offering my 'services' for free to strangers on the internet. I can already picture the suspicious look in your eyes as you ask me 'What are YOU getting out of this?'

    ..Well to be honest, not much that I can think of. I speak and write more than decent English already so this is not some sort of language exchange. I have more than enough interaction with expats as it is and do not think of you folks as a rare mythical creature, if by any chance you thought that I'm some local who just wanted to get close to an expat. I am not looking for a romantic relationship through this post and neither should you.

    By no means am I a professional, seasoned language tutor - I am merely a local who is fluent in both English and Indonesian, who would also like to try her hand at teaching. Therefore, as you are learning to speak Bahasa, I am also learning to teach you Bahasa.

    What I'm offering is something more along the lines of friendship [SIZE=1](but not really)[/SIZE] rather than a teacher-student relationship. I will not make a syllabus for you to fit into - you will tell me what you are interested in learning, what you are learning Bahasa for and then we can tailor the 'syllabus' to your needs.

    I would attend to you by preferably Whatsapp and you can call me through my cell or Skype at anytime (that we are free of course) to practice your speaking. I guess meet-ups would be alright but I am only in Jakarta [SIZE=1](actually, I live in Depok, but for all purposes let's call it Jakarta)[/SIZE] until the end of August and after that I am relocating to Bali for half a year. Also, in my opinion there's nothing that can't be taught face-to-face that I can't teach you on Whatsapp/Skype.

    To put it simply, here's a list of what I can do for you:
    - teach you how to speak Bahasa the way Indonesian people would actually speak, and not the broken Bahasa that some bules speak with
    - answer your questions (this is mainly what I'd like to be doing)
    - make you exercises to complete in both our spare times [SIZE=1](this is how bored I am at this point of my life)[/SIZE]
    - recommend you books and stuff to buy if you really hate frugality and want to spend your money
    - make fun of you when you say something wrong (I'm kidding, [SIZE=1]maybe[/SIZE])

    And here's a list of things that you can do for me:
    - enlighten me with something you would like to learn when the awkward silence comes up and I ask you ' what now?'
    - let me act like a complete know-it-all as I answer your questions

    I am putting it out there that if at any time my outstanding methods of teaching compels you to treat or 'compensate' me in any way or form, I am not a proud idiot who would [SIZE=1](blatantly)[/SIZE] refuse.
    Then again I would like to emphasize that you are under no obligation to do as such and am perfectly content with gaining nothing.

    Lastly, since this is a free gig I figure one 'student' would be more than enough, but let's see if I can't help any more of you out as time goes by. Anyway, those interested can just post here or PM me and I'll mention here when I've found someone.

    Damn - this is one long post...

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    A nice long post for a potential single student...


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      Does this offer still stand?