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Learning Indonesia Course - Has anyone paid for it

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  • Learning Indonesia Course - Has anyone paid for it

    I've just started using the free part of Learning Indonesia - and I am finding it really good and interesting, but wondering if anyone has paid for the Full Indonesian Course and how did you find it?

    I'm wondering the best way to learn Indonesian for conversational/business use.

    Thank you in advance

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    No. I use the free part. I am considering buying. I have borrowed the Pimsleur courses from my local library. I like these a little more.


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      Paying is better than free..
      The reason is :
      1. Because you can have advantage on your knowledge in bahasa.
      2. You can easy learn slang language from native speakers.
      3. You can easily find someone to help you with your work or finding what you need with the cheapest price ever.
      Or maybe you need something to help with.. You can reach me 24/7.

      I would like to make friend with foreigner.
      See you guys


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        Hello Zena,

        Beside private teaching, there are many places (institutions) in Jakarta where you can learn Indonesian. Use keyword "BIPA" to find it on Google.

        For example :

        Or if you happen to be around Tangerang, you can check this link :


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          I have taken some Indonesian courses, but now it is so hard since I'm working. With the traffic it is almost impossible to attend a class. I am looking for a tutor on right now, they will introduce me to Bahasa teachers in my area that can teach me at my preferred time and location.

          Check it out:


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            My husband and I are going through the premium (paid) course with I am finding it very helpful. I started the lessons when we were still in the USA and we moved to Indonesia about a month ago. It gave me a great head start on the language. You get an e book which includes the words and phrases they are teaching you. We have also looked into an online course through a language school in Bandung. They do private lessons over Skype. We are still debating on whether or not to give that a try. The advantage of a private lesson is that they can cater to the kind of words you need to know for your job, etc.


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              from University of Hawaii. Free and excellent resource..if you do it properly (a lesson or 2 per week with plenty of revision and practice) - could 6-9 months to complete.