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    Hey guys, I'm on a tight budget and i've looked all over the net, but is there a specific learning guide I should go off, any particular one that has helped the majority of you?

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    I don't have any specific ones to recommend. I found a lot of free podcasts to download on my phone. Good for a tight budget and mobile for ease.


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      thanks for that J11. I've only just learnt how to use podcasts (a bit behind the technology times) so i'll give them a go :-)


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        The paper & ink book I have been using is Almatsier's "How to Master the Indonesian Language". It is not very expensive and can be found readily on

        There are various free courses on that have been very helpful at getting the basic stuff down, though the Indonesian course list is not as comprehensive as they are for a more commonly learned (if not used) language like Russian. The three I have been working through are 200 Most Common Words, Essential Indonesian Vocabulary, and Basic Indonesian. There is a useful review function that lets you go back and get random refreshers on completed courses.

        Here is a most common words list I reference frequently:

        I use this site for grammar:

        For quick translations Google translate is tolerable. Oftentimes the translation will be messy so keep that in mind. Writing out a whole email in English then copy/pasting it into google translate will probably come out very awkward. But if you need a quick translation of a single word, it is good. (Basically, use it like a dictionary, not a translator.) The good news is, you should be able to get the jist of something by getting all the words. Indonesian grammar does not seem to be half as complicated as Latin or Russian.


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          duolingo (indonesian to english) works well for practice.