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For expats who want to learn bahasa. I have the solution :)

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  • For expats who want to learn bahasa. I have the solution :)

    [FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif]HI! my name is nancy, still active as student in state polytechnic of university indonesia. but, dont worry. i am mature enough to teach

    Why learn bahasa Indonesia?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif]Because (1) you are living and working in Indonesia and everyday you're always dealing with Indonesian colleagues/partners/coworkers/employees. (2) most of the employees in your company you're working for are indonesian. (3) everything is just all about Indonesian: reports in Indonesian, papers and books in Indonesian, presentations in Indonesian, letters, bills, announcements, warnings, everything.... (4) some - or many - Indonesians don't speak English as good as you do. (5) Indonesian government now apply new regulation for foreign workers in indonesia to be able to speak bahasa indonesia and pass indonesian language test to work in Indonesia.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif]Why learning with me?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif]Because (1) my teaching method will optimize your capacity and capability in learning. (2) I am friendly, smiley, and patient. (3) I have a good skill in teaching and speaking English. (4) I have been teaching bahasa Indonesia to my students who work in different areas, e.g. finance, consulting, law, transportation, f&b, etc.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif]Drop me an email and let's discuss about your requirements. You will be surprised if you already speak bahasa earlier than you think you would. Don't wait until your coworker speaks better Indonesian than you do!
    I really thankful if youre interest and want to learn bahasa with me
    Terima kasih [/FONT]
    xoxo ,
    [email protected]
    Nancy Panjaitan

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    Hello Nancy,
    I am new to Indonesia and looking for a private tutor to meet me after work in Kuningan area, starbucks at Epicwalk Mall. Could you tell me what you charge per hour and a little bit more about your services. Do you provide the materials, etc? Can I have class twice a week? Thanks,
    [email protected]


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      Hi, Nancy
      Now I want to study Bahasa Indonesia and I choose private tutor for me. I live in The Pakubuwono House at JKT Selatan. I'm a housewife I want to study 3 times for aweeks


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        Hi, Nancy
        Now I want to study Bahasa Indonesia. I live in The Pakubuwono House. I'm a housewife. I would to study 3 times per week on Mon Wed Fri and private tutor , I have time only in the morning time from 9am.
        Anyway please contact to me by this email. My name is Kanny
        [email protected]