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Made for you, the beginner.

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  • Made for you, the beginner.

    First time travel to Indonesia? First time think of living in Indonesia? First time think about learning Bahasa Indonesia?

    If the answer(s) is yes. Then, this thread is your first step in learning the mother tongue.

    First, let me familiarize you with some basic. Yeah, we have the same basic: ALPHABET.

    Let me guess, you must already know about these things:

    A. B. C. D. E. Please continue until Z.

    I guess it right, don't I?

    Okay skip this. You don't need to spell the alphabet by yourself, you need a tutor for speaking because even though our writing alphabet is exactly the same, but it doesn't apply in speaking. Quickly, go find speaking tutor while i help you with your writing here.

    First lesson.
    Everyday Greetings

    When you meet someone, you must give them a greeting.
    In english, you greet someone you met with a simple word like Hi or Hello. Or you can use more formal language like Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and others.

    Then, we do that too.

    Hi. Hai
    Hello. Halo
    Good Morning. Selamat pagi
    Good afternoon. Selamat siang
    Good evening. Selamat sore

    After you say greetings, there are also another sentences that you usually use after the first greeting word(s).

    How are you? Apa kabar?
    Nice to meet you. Senang bertemu dengan kamu/Anda.
    Long time no see. Lama tidak berjumpa/bertemu

    Then, lets practice in short conversation.

    Daniel and Siti met in town after several months.

    A. Hai Daniel, apa kabar?
    (A is greeting Daniel and asking about his condition)
    B. Halo Siti, kabar saya baik (saya baik). Kamu?
    (B is answering that he is fine and asking back for politeness)
    A. Saya juga baik. Senang bertemu dengan kamu.
    B. Senang bertemu denganmu juga, Siti.
    A. Sepertinya kita sudah lama kita tidak bertemu
    (It's like we didn't see each other for a long time)
    B. Ya, sepertinya begitu. Kamu terlihat terburu-buru?
    (Yeah, seems like that. You look in hurry)
    A. Betul, saya harus berangkat ke Bogor dengan kereta pada pukul 11 pagi.
    (Right, i must go to Bogor by train at 11 a.m)
    Setelah melihat jam tangannya, dia menyuruhnya untuk pergi cepat dengan mengatakan hal dibawah ini. (After looking at his watch, he asked her to go quickly by saying as below)
    B. Tersisa 15 menit dari jadwal keretamu, cepat berangkat jika kamu tidak mau ketinggalan kereta.
    (Now's 15 minutes before your train schedule, please go quickly if you don't want to miss your train)
    A. Baik, sampai jumpa.
    (Okay, good bye and see you)

    Memorizing the vocabularies.
    I. Saya/Aku
    You. Kamu/Anda
    We. Kita (if your speaking partner(s) are included in the term)/ kami (if your speaking partner (s) are not included in the term)
    Meet. Bertemu/berjumpa
    Look. Melihat
    Watch. Jam tangan
    Ask. Meminta/menyuruh/bertanya
    Hurry. terburu-buru
    Below. Dibawah
    Train. Kereta
    Schedule. Jadwal
    Miss. Melewatkan/ketinggalan
    Quick. Cepat
    Quickly. Dengan cepat/secepatnya
    See you. Sampai ketemu

    You see? Bahasa Indonesia is a simple language to learn. Keep learning.

    That's it for today. Stay tuned for the next lesson. It would be basic structure for sentences.

    [email protected]