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  • Audio for Yohanni Johns

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone has the audio for Yohanni Johns' Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture (Book One). Would be grateful if someone was willing to share a copy of it online or I could purchase it (CD? cassette?) off you as well.


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    Hi, have you or has anyone else found the recordings? I have the book and would like to use it, but without the recordings it's not that much fun.


    I noticed that the University of Canberra still has the tapes:

    Here's the record for the 18 tapes that came with the first volume:

    And here's the record for the 10 tapes belonging to the second volume:

    If I were living in Canberra, I would be rushing to the library right now to borrow and then digitize them. Perhaps I'll ask them whether the tapes could be digitized for a fee. Would anybody else be interested?
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      I found a very helpful person on who will be selling his set of tapes to me. I'm going to digitize them once I have them, and anyone who's interested can get in touch with me.


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        Hi Harriette, did you manage to digitize the tapes? would be great if you would be willing to share them


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          Hi Harriette

          I'd be very keen to get a copy of the audio too please!

          Terima kasih!


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            Hi Harriette,
            If you managed to digitize the tapes I would also be very interested in having a copy. I would be happy to pay a fee or make a donation to your favourite charity.


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              Hi Everyone !
              Do any of you have the digital copy of the recordings for the Yohanni Johns Bahasa Indonesia book? It's a great book, but having the recordings would be even better !!!
              I would also be happy to make a donation to you or your favorite charity
              Kind regards,


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                Hi everyone. My name is Paul and I run a Youtube channel about languages called Langfocus. Sorry to revive this old thread. I have also been searching for these audio accompaniments for years, and I would love to get a hold of them. Has anyone managed to find them and perhaps digitize them? I would be willing to buy a digital copy.

                I’m not sure if this will get a response, but short of flying to Canberra to get my hands on a copy at the Australian National University, I have pretty much tried everything! So let’s hope.