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    Is there a Bahasa Indonesian equivalent? I have to get an AC service tech to "re-gas" the AC. Thinking I'd tell him - perlu gas diisi lagi - what would the best way to say that in bahasa?

    Got me thinking there are certain words in english where re prefix is commonly used with a verb, which means "again" ( like lagi and repeat ulang).

    examples..refill, reapply, reread, reapply, rearm, reassess, reaffirm.. (many many others).. Am I correct in my thinking that in Bahasa Indonesian we need figure out each on its own merits and decide/know to use ulang or lagi or figure out if their is a whole new word that has the intended meaning?? Is there some rule of thumb or short cut way to figure this out ?? Not a big deal but maybe I need to do a "rethink" on my bahasa skills

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    "Refill" in Indonesian is "isi ulang." One sees that sign along the road quite frequently.

    Other than that, I got nothin'.


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      Sometimes I use 'more' to define 'lagi' like "give me one more chance!"
      'lagi' in bahasa has many definitions. And yes, the prefix Re- is defined as 'lagi(again) / ulang(repeat)'
      'lagi' is frequently used for something you ask/to do more. 'Ulang' is used for repetition. AFAIK
      Macarena Macarena baila baila ela ela Macarena Macarena all night long!


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        Mengisi Freon lagi is what I would say.


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          As others said above, it's gotta be "ulang" in any formal context. However, "re" is making inroads in borrowed words like "revisi" or "re-evaluasi" or "re-ekspor" as well as words that have the "re" as often or more often as the plain form: "restitusi" or "rekreasi" or "regenerasi".