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Private Tutor Needed for BI Lessons near Grand Indo

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  • Private Tutor Needed for BI Lessons near Grand Indo


    My name is Richard. I'm looking for a private Bahasa Indonesia tutor for a few one-on-one lessons in Jakarta over the next couple of weeks. (I will then travel outside Jkt, but be back again in August for 2 weeks and more lessons).

    I'm very much a beginner and would simply like to pick up some survival words and phrases, and practice basic conversation.

    I'd like to conduct the lessons in a cafe, I guess Grand Indo or Plaza or somewhere nearby, as I'm staying in Thamrin.

    Professional tutors very welcome to apply, and I'd also consider students (i.e. English majors) who tutor Bahasa Indo part-time.

    I'd like to get around 3-5 lessons per week, either in afternoons or evenings.

    I'd like to find someone who can speak English well, and is a good teacher and explainer.

    Many thanks! Look forward to hearing from you...

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    please check your PM


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      Hi, i am near the area you mentioned but not really a bahasa tutor. What do you need? Just daily convo in Indonesian? Formal indonesian for business with the writings and such? Newspaper writings?
      Hmmm thinking about it, formal indonesian is difficult . 5 words in english can become 12 words in formal indonesian with so many letters involved sigh
      Lost in Jakarta's trafic jam


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        Hi Richard,i'm an Indonesian tutor with 10 years of teaching experiences. I also have books and lesson plan since i've been tutoring Indonesian to expats for 3 years now, If you want more info please do email me: [email protected] and i can send you my cv as well. Thanks


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          hi mr richard i am tri a private indonesian teacher, i would to apply for indonesian teacher. i have been teaching indonesian since 1997 for expatriate and foreigners. right now i am teaching somes students in grand hyatt thamrin, kemamng and others. if you wnt further information please emailme at [email protected] or text me on 62 081388558634. i am looking forward for your call regard martrioska, indonesia teacher.


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            Hello Richard,

            If you still finding someone to teach you Bahasa Indonesia. I can help you. Besides, i have a very flexible schedule that might be match with yours.

            Even though i am not a fulltime Bahasa Indonesia tutor. I can help you with many subjects of daily conversation that you can use in your daily life in Indonesia.

            And also, i have a good knowledge and understanding about law and banking that might be useful for your living here.

            If you interested, you can email me: [email protected]



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              Hi Richard,

              I know I reply you quite late but in case you still need somebody to help you to improve your bahasa, you can always contact me at [email protected].
              I'm Indonesian but I used to live in London for few years so my English is well enough and I used to teach Bahasa to Korean and Japanese people here in Jakarta. I live only 15 mins from Thamrin or Grand Indonesia.

              Tq, Leina
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