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  • quick translation to Indonesian

    Hi, could someone please translate this into indonesian?

    "Sorry I missed you, I was in the back garden and couldn't hear you at the gate".

    Thank you

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    Maaf tadi kita tidak sempat bertemu. Tadi saya sedang di kebun, dibelakang dan tidak mendengarmu memanggil dari gerbang


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      thanks a lot woudl this make sense? maaf saya melewatkan kamu..


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        Better not use that, that would mean you ignore him implicitly or not notice him ( just being careful of sensitive people here). It made sense though... just need to clear things a bit more

        Better say what osusanto post or just say "Sorry, tadi lagi/sedang dikebun. Tidak dengar ada orang digerbang"
        Spider pig spider pig, does whatever a spider pig can


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          Berl, sometimes we cannot translate words literally, because it may sound 'kaku' or even, uncommon.
          Sorry I missed you here can be translated roughly into, maaf ya tadi ga sempet ketemu or (this way works fine too->) maaf ya tadi aku lagi di halaman belakang dan ga denger ada kamu di gerbang.
          osusanto translated it in formal style, I translated it in informal style


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            Forget formal style or informal style! I can translate it word-for-word in hilarious style! How is this for "sorry I missed you":

            Mohon ma'af bahwa aku merindukan kamu.

            (Yes, i know exactly how bizarre and funny that is. But after all, merindukan = miss, so....


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              Hahaha yes that is actually funny
              Like the ember (emang bener) and bucket translation...