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    Can you please translate this text?
    hari itu kan Liza ngerebus air buat masak nasi kelmamaan ada 1/2 jam lebih kan air jadi kotor aga merah terus Liza nanya sama Noor, kamu kasih apa airnya lihat katanya merah, ga tau kata Noor cumau ngecilin api doang dh katanya biarin

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    Lemme try...
    That day Liza was boiling a water for cooking rice, eh but it's too long about half an hour more, the water became dirty & it became reddish, so Liza asked Noor what did you put till the water looked so reddish, Noor said she didn't know coz she just wanted to get low the fire, so just let it be..

    The end of the text above make me confused.
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      thanks a lot....