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please, help me in translation

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  • please, help me in translation

    Can you please translate the following sentences?
    1) ga tau kata Noor cumau ngecilin api doang dh katanya biarin
    2) ngerebus air buat masak nasi kelamaan ada 1/2 jam lebih kan air jadi kotor aga merah
    3) sama goblognya istri ngerjain malah suka ikut2an jadi Noor kabeh

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    Hmm.. it's pretty hard to translate indonesian sentence without the clear context or full-text conversation so Im not so sure with my translation.
    1. I don't know. Noor said that she wanted to lit down the fire a bit so he let she did it.
    2. She heated the water for almost 30 mins. It's too long. And because of it, the water became pretty turbid and reddish.
    3. The wife is just as stupid as Noor.