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: ) Looking for Bahasa Indonesia Teacher

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  • : ) Looking for Bahasa Indonesia Teacher

    Hi, there. I will move to Jakarta for business later, so before that day, I am trying to learn some basic Bahasa.Is anyone here willing to guide me? I can speak Chinese and English, if anyone here want to learn those language, I won't mind to be a partner. :P

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    Hi welcome Nichole, I think it would be great to learn Chinese, its hard though we have to learn the alphabets also. Well i don't mind to be your partner to learn Bahasa, basically i like to learn any foreign languages. As now i can speak French, English and Russian and still keep trying to improve them anytime. may I know, where do you come from? Thanks Nelly
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      Nelly, thanks for your reply. Target focused. 0_0 I think I found a teacher, would you mind to be? haha I am from China.


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        Very most welcome. Yes sure I would not mind When are you going to move to Jakarta anyway?


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          Welcome on board soon, Nichole..
          I'm 'in' for exchange partner language as well you mentioned above. Just in case you're still looking for other language exchange partner to improve your bahasa, lemme know!