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Can't understand SMS dialog in Javanese/Indonesian

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    i reckon the OP should combine all he/she is posting as 'translation queries' into one thread as oppose to separate threads....


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      1) What does it mean?

      [COLOR=#37404E][FONT=lucida grande]A: jek yah mene kok wes ajak-ajak to......

      B: ados

      A: wes mau co

      2) How to use "to" at the end of sentence?

      3) How to use "co" inside the sentence?

      Thank you![/FONT][/COLOR]


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        Thank you for our advice. But if I know some meanings, I can know how to ask at least!


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          Thank you for your advise. But they are not come to my face at the same time! Next time, I will accumulate more questions.


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            Thank you for your advise! But if I combine them altogether, it will become too big! Also, I read them from time to time. I do not know when I need help from you guys!

            Thank you, Sweetmaria. I had tried to ask my friends already but they just laugh! I can't get help from them. I have browse this word in WEB but no luck! I feel this word is something like swear words but I am not sure. Please help to give me some more hints!


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              You can just add them to the conversation, in exactly the same manner as you replied to fastpitch17.

              Who I might add was probably trying to be helpful to you.
              Members who see lots and lots of new threads by someone who is new to the forum might just ignore them and not even read the content.
              (look you will see someone has already given you negative reputation points- this is why you have a red brick at the side of your name- I guess all the multiple posts are starting to irritate members- and that will defeat your object of getting help and advise. What you will succeed in doing is putting people off reading your posts , or people thinking you are a 'troll"

              So in order to get the most from your posts Keep the topic together
              Eg, Translation- if you made a thread about it just keep adding to it. That's how the system works - it saves on confusion. (Hopefully)

              Where are you from?
              Why do you keep getting messages in Indonesian/ Javanese?
              Do you live in Indonesia?

              (sorry for the junior modding folks but I, too, am a bit tired of seeing all the "new post notifications" only to find they are just another translation question)
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                Originally posted by Massetia View Post
                Thank you for your advise! But if I combine them altogether, it will become too big!
                MOD NOTE: Actually, topsykretts and bad_azz gave you excellent advice. In the past couple of days you have started 7 threads and deleted 2. Some threads have gotten answers, some haven't. It would be far more convenient for everyone, yourself included, if they could participate in one coherent conversation rather than have your questions scattered everywhere. Plus, quite a few members use the "new posts" feature to check the forum when they sign on, and if you start a whole bunch of threads it clutters things up.

                You don't have to worry about your thread becoming "too big." No one cares if it is multiple pages. If you want to find a specific word within a thread, just use the "search thread" function."

                I've merged your 5 current threads into one. If you have new questions, please ask them in this thread. Thanks.


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                  Originally posted by Massetia View Post
                  Dear all,What are "to" and "po" meaning in Javanese?Thanks,
                  my interpretation of Mrs Mac is that "to" is always at the end of a question that is asking for confirmation & the answer is already stated within the question ..... maybe someone else has better words to describe this, I just can't think of them at the moment ....... eg ..enak to? = it is good isn't it? ....... I'm still working with Mrs Mac on "po"...... patience is a virtue ..... lol
                  The answer is 42 .... any questions? .


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                    "to"/"Tho" is a dialect usage. mainly in Central Java
                    It can be use in rhetoric question like macvert said, but mostly use as emphasizing a certain word. like "piye tho?" which translate roughly as "How ?" (negatively). That much I can say, cause the dialect in where I am from is not using that.
                    po? usually its a second syllable. standing alone has no meaning as far as I know.

                    Several Things I and others wonder are : the conversation you are asking for translation doesn't seem to have any relation to expatriates, where did you hear them?
                    And why are you so worried they are talking behind your back?
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                      [COLOR=#37404E][FONT=lucida grande]A: jek yah mene kok wes ajak-ajak to...... (You are asking me out this early?)

                      B: ados (bath )

                      A: wes mau [/FONT][/COLOR](done just now/several minutes/hours ago.. mau is use to show past time)
                      is it co or cok? cause those two has different usage. I am guessing the latter which is an insult (translation is the famous F word) and usage by any other than among close friends will only lead you to a fight

                      This one is Surabaya language and a rough one at that. Where did you learn this?
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                        Mrs Mac does not recognize "po" she says it could be an abbreviation of "opo" which means "or"
                        The answer is 42 .... any questions? .


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                          Its actually po’o. For example :" Ndang adus kono po’o, koen mambu prengus". Go have a shower, you smell awful.

                          Its like telling someone to do something. And yes, its Surabaya / Jawa Timur dialect.
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                            The difficulty in translating Javanese is that one has to know where the speaker or writer of the original text comes from.

                            The Javanese that I, from Klaten and spent some time in Yogyakarta, speak and understand is not the same compared to the one that Alia, from Surabaya, use in her daily life.

                            There are jargons, terms, and abbreviation that one would understand while the others don't.

                            If your friends laughed at you for not understanding what they were talking about, start looking for other friends.
                            My husband is a Dutchman and he barely spoke Indonesian let alone Javanese the first time we were together.
                            None of my family laughed at him when he asked what we were talking about and one of us would translate it for him and helped him to get some vocabulary in and remember it well.
                            Now he's quite decent in Indonesian but still clueless in Javanese thanks to the level of Javanese the language we use.


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                              Originally posted by Massetia View Post
                              [COLOR=#333333]My friends have below dialog but I can't understand. I have use Google translate but still not understood! Please help![/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Albert: Penak Jamane pak harto......???[/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Sandy: s7 bwgEeeeet[/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Billy: Mary iko pas arep rabi..surate ngurusi teko kne to...1 pgn tpn lo[/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Eddie: Penak jaman ku yo[/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Albert: ki no re 0877xxxxxxxx[/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Albert: Eddie...jmn mu mlh ajur gk karuan[/COLOR]

                              [COLOR=#333333]Eddie: Gkgkgkgkgkgkgkgk![/COLOR]
                              This may help:
                              Albert: It's better Suharto era right?
                              Sandy: Can't agree more
                              Billy: Listen, when Mary was getting married, the documents were organised from here… 1 pgn tpn (not too sure) though…!
                              Eddy: it's better my time right?
                              Albert: here is the no 0877xxxxxxxx
                              Albert: Eddie….your time everything was fallen to pieces.
                              Eddie: lol...

                              There you go, btw 'who/what' is your friend?


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                                [COLOR=#0000ff]Albert: It's better Suharto era right?

                                Sandy: I agree[/COLOR]

                                [COLOR=#ff0000]Billy: Listen, when was getting married, the documents were organised from here, right. after eating, call him[/COLOR](tpn/tepon = call by phone)

                                [COLOR=#0000ff]Eddy: it's better my time right?[/COLOR]

                                [COLOR=#ff0000]Albert: here is the no 0877xxxxxxxx[/COLOR]

                                [COLOR=#0000ff]Albert: Eddie. your time everything was fallen to pieces.

                                Eddie: lol.[/COLOR]