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We have moved the Expat Forum to a new server in late March. You'll notice some changes due to upgrades we've made in the vBulletin software.

If you have questions, please email me at [email protected].

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Read this first: Learning Bahasa Indonesia guidelines.

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  • Read this first: Learning Bahasa Indonesia guidelines.

    This channel is STRICTLY dedicated to bahasa Indonesia (or any indonesian dialect) grammar, vocabulary or translation. You can ask anything you want about the language itself but it is in no way a chating channel in bahasa indonesia, a channel to post any ad for courses or job proposal to be a tutor, or a place to ask questions in bahasa Indonesia that should fit in any other channel (ex: questions about laws, health, travel, high tech...etc).

    Any off topic thread/post will be deleted and abuses will be infracted.

    Thanks and we hope you will enjoy posting there.
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