From (17 Sept 2020)
Title : Mixed-nationality families to reunite as Indonesia relaxes visa policy
By : Galih Gumelar

[... The Law and Human Rights Ministry's immigration office announced on Monday that it would allow foreign spouses and children of mixed-nationality marriages living abroad to apply for a limited stay visa for family reunification (VITAS 317) to enter Indonesia ... "But, they should also comply with health protocols such as going into quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Indonesia" ...
The immigration office said the policy was made for "humanitarian reasons"...

The new policy allows foreign members of mixed-nationality families to apply for the visa online and offshore and submit documents, such as an application form and a copy of their passport, via the immigration office's website The immigration office will send its approval, known as telex visa, to applicants via email once officials verify their documents. Applicants can obtain the visa at Indonesian embassies by providing the telex visa from the immigration office.

The policy on family reunification visas not only applies to foreign members of mixed-nationality families, but also to spouses or children of foreigners living in Indonesia, who hold temporary stay permits (ITAS) and permanent stay permits (ITAP).

The policy comes after immigration authorities suspended almost all visa application processes, including for family reunification, and generally restricted foreigners from entering Indonesia since April 2 due to the COVID-19 outbreak ...]