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  • Kitap Payment before application process

    My first 5 year Kitap will expire in 5 weeks, I made my way to imigrasi in Blitar with all the documents required, handed in the documents as follows see below.

    Formulir PERDIM 24 (ITAP)
    Formulir PERDIM 25 (exit-reentry permit)
    Surat Permohonan dari Sponsor
    Surat Jaminan dari Sponsor (dengan meterai 6.000 Rp)
    Fotocopy KTP Sponsor
    Fotocopy Paspor, KITAP
    Surat Pernyataan Integrasi (dengan meterai 6.000 Rp)
    Fotocopy surat nikah/akte nikah
    Fotocopy Lapor Perkawinan (Kedutaan/DUKCAPIL) (This ?legalisasi? is attached to my husband?s buku nikah)
    Fotocopy Kartu Keluarga
    Surat keterangan Tempat Tinggal dari Disdukcapil (in my case had to show my Indonesian KTP)

    1 copy of all documents no further copies required.

    The service desk person told me I must finish all today due to Covid 19 we have to get it all done, The documents where checked with the originals and all accepted, I was handed the Bill 11.950.000 including MERP 2 years and told to pay within 7 days, if I do not do so the application will not be processed, this was a shock as normally as far as I know payment should be after the letters are ready for Jakarta.
    The Service desk guy said this is now standard procedure and there is no guarantee for the extension, but you have to pay to start the process is this correct?

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    I am not aware of that and didn't see anybody state that in this Forum before .

    But if they asked you to pay through a bank and the bill has the Immigration stamp/identification (and at the bank you can also request the cashier to confirm you are paying to a government's account) , I would not be afraid because in more than 10 years in this Forum I never heard of anyone who was eligible but had a request denied for a Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Kunjungan or ITAS or ITAP) .

    Ah , the value 11.950.000 is correct [Rp10'200'000 (time unlimited extension) + Rp1'750'000 (2 years Re-entry Permit)] .
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      Doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary i.e. you decided to renew 5 weeks in advance, you brought and submitted all the required docs, payment is required within a week which is the correct amount. As Marcus mentioned, unless you have any serious issues with government officials your application should be approved, please let us know the outcome in this post. Mine is up next year and will apply -same as you- for unlimited.