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Illegality of for doing lewd acts to a 15-18?

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  • Illegality of for doing lewd acts to a 15-18?


    According to that age of consent is 15.

    A rich guy meet a beautiful smart girl that's 16.5. At first he think she is just a regular girl offering pleasure most likely for money. However, the girl happens to be very smart. So he may wants to date her. Normal date for serious relationship. He needs heirs to inherit his businesses.

    Nothing lewd is actually planned. But things can happen and he doesn't want to go to jail for years because of it. Wait 1.5 years and the girl may already end up with someone else.

    Basically there are laws against commercially exploiting and against "persuading". I have no idea what that means.

    The girl is very understanding and cooperative. Willing to meet lawyers and stuff. However, he wants to know as much info as possible.