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New rules for foreign workers in Indonesia.

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  • New rules for foreign workers in Indonesia.

    Foreign employees in Indonesia are now have new chance for positions and jobs in the country. On 27th August 2019, the Indonesian Ministry of Labour issued rules no. 228 of 2019 to expand the number of positions specially for foreign workers.

    The content of the rules is that there are about 2,000 job titles are provided for foreign workers under Regulations 228, across 18 sectors. This policy rules will be re-evaluated by the government in two years. Still, some aspect from previous rules in Regulations 10, 2018 are still kept in Regulation 228, 2019, about foreigners being required have at least five years work experience, and more than eight years for directors and commissioners. Foreigners are also obliged to help transfer their expertise to their Indonesian colleagues or employees.

    In Global Competitiveness ranking, Indonesia slid down from 36th place to 45th place in 2018. Thus, these new rules intended to attract highly-skilled and experienced foreign workers into Indonesia, to populate the Indonesian workforce.

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    Lets see what happens in the application of the new rules .Hmmmm


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      This Keputusan Menteri/Minister Decree no.228 Tahun 2019 is just a revised list with work positions which foreign workers are allowed to take .


      [...This regulation is a refinement of several previous regulations that have been issued.
      In the construction sector, for example, in the new Permenaker there are 181 positions permitted for foreign worker positions, whereas in Permenaker No. KEP 247 / MEN / X / 2011, which regulates the matter of foreign worker positions in the construction field the number of positions permitted is only 68 types of positions.

      In the education sector there are 143 types of positions regulated in Permenaker 229, while in Permenaker No 462 of 2012, which regulates positions in the education sector only lists 77 positions for foreign workers in the education sector.

      However, not all sectors have increased the number of position positions .. some have decreased (in the food industry, for example) ...]


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        Medical staff are completely banned. Previously it was allowed, although only theoretically and with strict requirements.
        Present foreign doctors, usually employed as medical advisors (to bypass the strict requirements for foreign doctors) will not be allowed to work anymore.