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Looking for a Tax Consultant/Expert

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  • marcus
    I don't have anyone to recommend neither I saw any recommended in this Forum .

    There are many advertised in the internet [look for something like : Jasa Konsultan SPT Pajak di (city)] plus you can also ask the Tax officers at any Kantor Pajak .

    But I recommend each person to do her/his own Tax Return Report , because it is a very important personal obligation (when applicable) and it is not difficult to learn how to do it . And as in most subjects , after you do it once , all the others become very easy .
    I do/did my own and the only time I was fined in more than 40 years was because I did something which many of my work colleagues suggested without checking it .
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  • erlanindo
    started a topic Looking for a Tax Consultant/Expert

    Looking for a Tax Consultant/Expert

    Does anyone could recommend me a Tax Consultant/Expert who can handle Income Tax and Property Tax for an Individual person ?
    My wife is Indonesian and I need to help her to regularize her situation ; she has been living abroad for some years but still have properties in Indonesia.
    Thanks in advance.