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KITAP Holder , Indonesian Wife Died

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  • KITAP Holder , Indonesian Wife Died

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Stephen.

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    Originally posted by edrig1954 View Post
    (A) ...Sadly on the 8th of July my wife died ...

    Now I will need to rebuild my life and try to get to grips with what I need to do next ...
    I have a 5 year KITAP, but no money, a limited pension, and no job.

    (B) Any thoughts or comments would be welcome.

    (A) My condolences .

    (B) I hope your KITAP is sponsored by your wife , because if so you can still hold it .

    - The first thing to do is to report the death of your wife to your local Kantor Imigrasi , within 60 days after the death . You will have to report your wife's death to Kantor Catatan Sipil too (maybe before doing it at Immigration , if Immigration says so) .

    - You will have to propose a new sponsor (I guess Immigration will ask you to find someone from your wife's family to be the sponsor) . Then you will have to submit the sponsor's data and request to be your sponsor (Immigration will inform you which forms and documents you will need) . Be prepared to pay for a new 5 years KITAP .

    PP no.31 year 2013
    Article 160
    (1) If the Indonesian spouse dies, the foreign's KITAS or KITAP obtained due to a mixed marriage remains valid.
    (2) ...


    UU no.6 , year 2011
    Article 71
    Each foreigner residing in Indonesia shall:
    a. provide all necessary information regarding his/her identity and/or his/her family, and report any changes in civil status, nationality, occupation, sponsor, or a change of address to the local Immigration Office; or

    Article 116
    Each Foreigner who do not perform his/her obligations as stipulated in Article 71 shall be punished with a maximum confinement of 3 (three) months or a fine of up to 25,000,000, 00 (twenty five million rupiah).
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      Dear Marcus,
      Thank you for the update.