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Renewing Re-Entry permit while outside Indonesia

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    Originally posted by Gemes View Post
    (i) I actually asked for just a few weeks extension but I guess the consulate decided 6 months was the go... it is an extension - perpanjangan - so not technically a new re-entry permit I guess...

    (ii) ... is a KTP-OA usually required when applying for the time-unlimited (second) KITAP? ...

    (iii) If I made one now (on my first KITAP) would a new one have to be made after securing the second (unlimited) KITAP, I wonder?

    (i) The Regulation only states fee for Re-entry Permit of : 6 months , 1 year , 2 years , and 5 years . They could give it for 6 months or 1 year , up to the limit of your ITAP .

    (ii) It seems Immigration started to ask SKTT for online extension of KITAS (although my agent have been extending my KITAS and never asked for my SKTT) , I don't know if they similarly will require the KTP - OA for extension of KITAP .

    (iii) SKTT (for people with KITAS) and KTP - OA (for people with KITAP) are required by Law , but the penalty is relatively cheap and almost no Indonesian knows about these documents , so many foreigners don't get them , even being free in most cities .


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      I would like to send a great thanks for you about sharing that experience with us because not much members know that

      I do have the same situation as you do.
      So I would like to get some information in details please 

      did ur father in law get any difficulties to get that Telex from the Immigration Directorate General?
      Can I use an agent to do that part for me while I am out Indonesia?

      What kind of documents that I will need for that?
      Thanks in advance
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