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  • KITAS or KITAP ?

    My wife is Indonesian and I have been working in Jakarta for the last 6 years on a KITAS sponsored by my employer an International company. I will retire in a few months and,as we wish to settle here,I am wondering what the best option is for me regarding my immigration status.

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    Originally posted by willilaw View Post
    ... Should I apply for a KITAS or KITAB ...

    (a) If you married more than 2 years ago , you can request a 5 years KITAP (sponsored by your Indonesian wife) without the need to do a sponsor change process (according to Surat Edaran no. IMI-2971-GR.01.13 Tahun 2013) .

    (b) If you married less than 2 years ago :

    - maybe you can request a sponsor change of your KITAS ; or

    - if you cannot do the sponsor change , you will have to cancel your present KITAS and choose other Visa or KITAS , the easiest being the KITAS sponsored by your Indonesian wife .

    Note : If you married abroad , the 2 years of marriage mentioned in (a) above may become 2 years after you registered your marriage in Indonesia .


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      Thank you for the info Marcus. It is indeed most useful


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        You can start a Immigration process 3 months before your present KITAS expires . Be sure your wife already updated her KK/family card & KTP/identity card (with both stating : her as married & the correct address) .