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Volunteers Deported From Lombok

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  • Volunteers Deported From Lombok

    From , March 23 , 2019
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : American volunteers deported from Lombok
    By : Panca Nugraha

    [Immigration officials in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), have deported 8 American citizens for conducting social activities in Lombok without permits from the relevant institutions...

    "They provided medical services without permits in .. North Lombok," immigration office head Kurniadie said on Wednesday.

    They entered Indonesia .. using the short visit visa-free facility effective for 30 days. They had no permits or recommendation from the local health or social affairs agencies...

    "This is a violation of the law," said Kurniadie, adding that the eight had violated Article 75 (1) of Law No 6/2011 on immigration and Article 2 of Health Ministerial Regulation No 67/2013 on foreign health worker utilization. They were also found to be carrying 69 types of medicines, of which 11 had no distribution license in Indonesia...]

    Poster's information :

    Article 75 of Law no.6 , year 2011
    (1) Immigration officers have the authority to apply Administrative Measures on foreigners in Indonesia conducting dangerous activities and reasonably suspected to endanger security and public order or foreigners who do not respect or do not obey Indonesian Laws and Regulations.

    (2) Administrative Measures Immigration as referred to in paragraph (1) can be:
    a. include in the list of people prevented from entering Indonesia;
    b. apply restrictions, changes, or cancellation of residence permit;
    c. prohibit to be in one or a few specific places in the Territory of Indonesia;
    d. requiring to reside in a particular place in Indonesia Region;
    e. impose the burden of costs and / or
    f. Deportation from the Territory of Indonesia.
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    Although the article is short on details, it seems that the authorities were right on in deporting the "International Medical Relief volunteers," as they essentially short circuited obtaining proper authorization, entering the country on free 30 day tourist visas on arrival.