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what level of work allowed when on a spouse visa

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  • what level of work allowed when on a spouse visa

    did some reading here but still not clear to me

    for example

    1. if my wife open an informal language tutoring at home say its registred as small business for teaching some languages for kids like english french arabic spanish etc she has a degree in english and since i speak english and some other languages is it ok if i help her with the students say for example some teaching reviewing materials with them etc is ok or not it will not be any formal classroom setting just in home tutering

    2. what if for example she has a restaurant or a farm selling vegtables etc is ok if i transported merchandise for her on a small pick up truck or three wheeler driving etc like from market to her restaurant or from farm to the market etc not selling directly to customers just moving stuff driving etc

    thx for feedback

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    In my view , considering a non-official position from Manpower in 2015 , your 2 examples above should be ok without a "Work Permit" (assuming you have an e-ITAS/KITAS or a KITAP sponsored by an Indonesian spouse) .

    But last year (2018) there was a re-analysis of the general foreigners situation by the Indonesian Manpower Department , so I suggest you to talk to them about your final work plan . See here how to contact them by Whatsapp , email , .. , here :

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...esian-and-work (Manpower policy in 2015)


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      When on a KITAS sposored by a spouse, one cannot work for a salary/be employed without a working permit.

      You can have as many businesses as you want to provide for your family. Taking freelance jobs is also allowed. The 2 examples you gave, falls into the category small businesses. Therefor you will have no problem.

      If you want to do it legally, you also need some permits. Maybe the pemkot can help you with more information. On the other hand this is Indonesia. Just open something and if it's running, get the required permits when someone us complaining.