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    I am fro th Netherland, what is the process of becoming a WNI. I dont have a KITAP. Is this still posible? I had KTIAS nikah 2 times, but divorced.

    I read about abtaining WNI:

    Obtaining Indonesian citizenship
    A foreign citizen can apply to become an Indonesian citizen with the following requirements:

    being the age of 18 years or older, or being married
    when applying, having resided in Indonesia for a minimum of 5 consecutive years or 10 non consecutive years
    physically and mentally healthy
    can speak the Indonesian language and acknowledge Pancasila and Undang-Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun 1945
    never convicted of a crime for which the punishment is imprisonment for one year or more
    if having Indonesian citizenship will not give the person dual citizenship
    employed or have fixed income
    pay the citizenship fee

    The proces o my first KITAS was in 2014, but stopped in 2017 when i was staying on a sosial budaya. Is a sosbud also countalble for a minimum of 5 consecutive years ?


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    Originally posted by Danny1234 View Post
    (1) ... I dont have a KITAP. Is this still posible?

    (2) ... Is a sosbud also countalble for a minimum of 5 consecutive years ?

    (1) Not possible (see below) .

    (2) No , not for the 5 consecutive years neither for the 10 non-consecutive years .


    [Surat Keterangan Keimigrasian for Citizenship process or what we usually call Naturalization is given to foreigners who have met the requirements:

    - fill out the form in accordance with the applicable provisions;
    - show original and attach photocopies:
    valid national passport
    still valid KITAP
    - at the time of submitting an application already residing in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia for a period of time:
    for a minimum of 5 (five) consecutive years;
    at least 10 (ten) years not in a row.
    - not in the blacklist list;
    - the latest photo pass is set in red measuring 3 cm x 4 cm in 2 (two) sheets and 4 cm x 6 cm in size 4 (four) pieces;
    - Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP);
    - stamped power of attorney if the application is authorized ...]
    Note : Not the official translation



    [... Five consecutive years is the period of existence of foreigners in Indonesia, which has since been granted a KITAS or KITAP for a period of 5 (five) years and never left Indonesia with an EPO .
    Whereas the meaning of 10 non-consecutive years is the period of time of foreigners in Indonesia with KITAS and KITAP with repeated EPO in between ...]
    Note : Not the official translation


    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...-i-just-did-it (example of how to become Indonesian) (how to become Indonesian)

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...753#post276753 (post nos.12/13 , interview for becoming Indonesian)


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      In recent years it became very hard to get Indonesian citizenship through naturalization.
      New citizenships through naturalization are approved by the President. You will be subject of a check from BIN (Secret Service) and this check can take up to two years.
      Besides that you will need proof of contribution to Indonesia, i.e. you are an owner of a factory employing xxxxx of workers. Majority of applications are rejected.

      The only alternative route to citizenship is through marriage with Indonesian citizen. This application for citizenship through marriage is approved by the Minister of Justice and the procedure is relatively easy if you can fulfil the conditions.


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        I have relocated from Singapore to Indonesia since March 2017 with my daughter after my failed marriage in SG and still currently on kunjungan visa given every 6 mths need to leave, is this consider as non-consecutive years?

        My daughter is on KITAS as i had enrol her in indonesia school.

        I do not want to re-marry but how do i get to be WNI?


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          Originally posted by ElyasAbdullah View Post
          (a) ... currently on kunjungan visa given every 6 mths need to leave, is this consider as non-consecutive years?

          (b) ... how do i get to be WNI?

          (a) No . Your situation is the same as Danny1234's (see above) . Kunjungan = Visit . A SosBud/Social Budaya Visa = Visit Visa for social & cultural purposes .

          (b) See links I showed in my post no.2 above .
          Somehow you have to get Limited Stay Visa/KITAS/KITAP to start counting the required years as an Indonesian resident .

          Your options for a "resident visa" :
          a. Foreign Direct Investor - minimum Rp1 billion invested in a single Indonesian based company (1 or 2 years visa)
          b. Participating in training, or research (1 year visa)
          c. Undertaking education (1 or 2 years visa)
          d. Older than 55 y.o. people (1 year visa)
          e. Work expert hired by an Indonesian based company (1 or 2? years)