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Visa Extension (super silly question)

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  • Visa Extension (super silly question)

    I am 99% certain but just in case, I am wrong, I will ask.

    Visa On Arrival (35$)CGK, 1 month; extended Jakarta for 1 month.

    Intend to depart overseas from Bali DPS just before expiry of the extension received in Jakarta.

    Is that completely fine?

    Or can immigration say, ''You must depart CGK as your extension was given in Jakarta'', or somesuch?

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    Are you asking if its a problem flying out from a different place then you got the extension from?
    Can't be 100% but I don't think it would be a problem. I got the same visa on arrval at Jakarta and was told I would have to wait a number of days before I could apply for the extension, 14 days if I remember correctly. But I don't know how strict they are about this. I got the extension in Bandung and it took almost a week. I also few out from there.

    Do you have a flight booked already?


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      Yes that is exactly what I was asking. I got the VOA at and CGK extension in Jakarta and now planning to fly out from Bali DPS but have not booked the ticket out yet. I ve read you can fly out of any of the approved border crossings which include s Bali if you got the free visa on arrival; so I assume you would be ok to do so with a paid one with extension. But bureaucracy seems to be a 'thing', here; so I just wanted to be double certain before I booked as I could depart from Jakarta if it was necessary.


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        Originally posted by Londoner View Post
        (1) Visa On Arrival (35$)CGK/Jakarta , .. extended Jakarta .. Intend to depart overseas from Bali .. Is that completely fine?

        (2) ... I ve read you can fly out of any of the approved border crossings which includes Bali if you got the free visa on arrival; ...

        (1) I don't know . It is probably ok (but better check at the Bali's airport before buying the ticket) . Don't remember any Forum member mentioning a problem .

        (2) Years ago when this free Visa started , I heard almost the contrary : that there was restriction on which airport to leave with a free Visa .
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          Yeah, that is a good suggestion. I ll ask in arrival at Bali.😀


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            Took some of my friends from US here via Cengkareng and some leaving home from Bali and it was ok also know that you can depart to singapore or malaysia for couples days and fly back in to Indonesia for fresh new entries right...some people do that so they have to go fly home and can extend stay here.