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VOA renewal as at October 2018

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  • VOA renewal as at October 2018


    On a previous visit I extended my VOA for 1 month with an agent, (so a 2 month stay), with no problems or requirements beyound my passport and exit ticket.

    Now, I forgot the agent I used. So I thought, '' oh well, I ll pick any random one I can find on the internet."

    This is where it gets confusing.

    I am not sure whether the rules have changed since I last did this in 2016 or not.

    The agent I approached has come up with a whole load of requirements that I never experienced ony last renewal.

    Apparently apart from the ticket and passport, this time, I will need:

    A domicile letter.
    A statement letter.
    A sponsor letter.

    Helpfully, they sent me draft versions in Bahasa.

    I am wondering is the agent confusing the requirements for the visa I want with the requirements for some other visa?

    Or have the rules changed so much since the last time and they are correct?

    Most grateful for any assistance/ thoughts.

    Thank you

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    The last rule I know was issued in 2014 .

    It is probably a mistake as in this Forum I never heard of Immigration requiring domicile letter before for the USD35 VOA extension (there were few people who did present a sponsor letter many years ago - I cannot say anything about this other letter without more details of it) .

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...d-my-blacklist (post no.8 , list of visa agents)


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      Thank you Marcus for your reply.

      I think rather than telling them they are wrong about the forms, it might be easier just to go with another agent. I don't want to make them feel I am making them lose face. They seem pretty insistent about me requiring a sponsor.

      I ll have a trawl through that agent list too.


      PS If anyone knows a good agent in the South Jakarta/Kuningnan area, feel free to post it up; or if that is frowned upon, PM me the details. Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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        My visa agent (who I never met personally) has a office in South Jakarta :
        Jl. Kesehatan Raya No. 5A Bintaro
        Jakarta Selatan
        Phone. +62 21 70625186, Fax. +62 21 7350137

        I caution you that I only have contact with one of the MPP's employee (since 2015) , so I would say that I know almost nothing about the reliability of the company (the first time I was requested to advance Rp2 million to this employee personal bank account - fortunatelly it worked) . His personal hp no. 85.60.300.98.84/Whatssapp too (I always communicate with him in Indonesian language).

        If you don't know , ask : Pak , saya mau perpanjangan visa-on-arrival di Jakarta Selatan . Bisa bilang harganya dan dokumen untuk ini ? (maaf bahasa Indonesia saya tidak bagus)

        The answer(s) you can translate at Google Translate .


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          Thanks again Marcus, I think I found someone. But will keep yours in mind, if it becomes to be interminable again. 😀


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            Just quick update.

            Current agent seems on the ball.

            Only wanted my passport.

            So, I ve no idea what the other guy was on.


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              Either the agent misunderstood or he doesn't know his work .
              A Domicile Letter is usually required for extending : an one year (or more) Limited Stay Visa/KITAS or 5 years KITAP (also known as Temporary/Permanent Resident Visas) .