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    [FONT=verdana, sans-serif]My name is Peter from Nigeria but reside and live in Ukraine. I want to the Indonesia Embassy in Ukraine to apply for visa and I was told I need Telex Visa.[/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana, sans-serif]IS there anyone here who can assist or give advise in going about this. [/FONT]

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    Unfortunately you are from one of the very few countries which Indonesia requires a visa pre-approval from the Indonesian Immigration Directorate .

    In practice you will need to find an Indonesian sponsor to request your Indonesian Visa pre-approval (popularly known as telex visa) and pay a small government fee . If you don't know any Indonesian , you can hire a visa agent (see link below with some agents) , who of course will charge you to get a telex visa for you .

    Before you contact any agent , it would be better if you know which kind of visa you need , as the agent's price depend on the visa type .

    We can tell you the appropriate visa for you if you tell us what you want to do in Indonesia and how long (time) you want to stay .

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...d-my-blacklist (post no.8 , list of visa agents)


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      I intend coming for Tourism specifically to Bali with my spouse, her brother and two other friends. Please advise the type of visa I need and if possible more information will be appreciated.


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        So you can tell an Indonesian visa agent that you want Visit Visas for doing tourism - popularly known as Tourist Visa , which is a visa for staying up to 60 days in Indonesia - but don't be surprised if you get it for only 30 days (in Indonesian language : Visa Kunjungan Wisata) .
        The agent will probably ask for :
        - passport valid for at least 6 months ,
        - flight ticket for going out of Indonesia ,
        - bank account statement of at least USD1'500/each ,
        - color photos