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  • License to drive motorbike

    I just took the test for the a motorbike license and I got 14 out of 30 correct, meaning I failed. I had a local indonesian person helping me who says many of the questions made no sense to him. And of course the test is not in English. How do I pass this test that they give no study material on or anything like that. I was told I may have to just pay a fee of 500k rupiah and get the license that way. Any suggestions should I pay the fee or what ? And also where do I find motorbike insurance?

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    Sorry , I don't drive so I don't know anything about the test (I heard that an Indonesian can stay with you to translate the test for you) . The official fee is around Rp100'000 .

    For insurance , search the internet for : asuransi sepeda motor . Be alerted that regardless of having a total coverage insurance , if you hit a pedestrian you will have to pay all damages (hospital , family compensation in case of death , ...) , even if you are right . This is one of the reasons why I use public transport (angkot) .`



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      Even if they hit me? If that is the case that is insane.


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        As far I understood , in an accident , many times Police press the richer part to be responsible for the damages/costs . So , in an accident , all involved motor vehicles are kept at the Police office until the involved parts make the final agreement .
        In general the car owner pays in an accident with a motorcycle , but when the motorcycle driver is a foreigner , I don't know what will happen because many people think all foreigners are rich .
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          I agree many Indonesians I meet think I am rich which far from the truth. I tell no way am I rich I just spend money differently and it's cheaper to spend it here. As for an accident if I am not the cause I would find it very difficult to pay the idiot who caused the accident. If I am the cause yeah I will pay but I not want to pay for anyone who cause me to crash. They would probably make me leave the country before I agree to that. Hopefully I will not have any accidents.