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Duration of the Driver License/SIM

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  • Duration of the Driver License/SIM

    As a KITAS holder If i can get a SIM, for how long would it be valid?

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    Police Regulation (Perkapolri 9/2012) states that a driving license is for 5 years , but a government website (see below) states an one year license for holders of work KITAS . It is not clear for holders of other KITAS types . From the Forum members who got SIM with various types of KITAS , 1 year SIM was usual .

    [... In Perkapolri 9/2012 there is no differentiation of the SIM period for Indonesian citizens and foreigners. SIM issued by the Satpas in Indonesia is basically valid for 5 (five) years and may be extended. However, within the page, mentioned about the validity period of the SIM as follows:

    1. For foreigners who live in Indonesia the validity period of 5-year SIM.

    2. For embassy / family staff valid for 5 years.

    3. For foreigners who work in Indonesia as experts apply 1 year.

    4. For Tourists maximum 1 month and special SIM (valid only in Bali).

    5. If the holder back to his country must report to the Satpas issuing the driver's license...]
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      Kitas, 1 year. Kitap, 1 year. Kitap and KTP(A), 5 years