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  • Interview regarding KITAS

    I applied for the spousal KITAS ( conversation from sosbud) on 26th January and today 3 officers from immigration office came to take interview. The first question I faced was 'WHY DIDN'T I GO TO KANTOR IMIGRASI BEFORE MARRIAGE?' I lost my words for a moment then I replied 'Nobody ever told me to go the KI before Marriage! Then they said 'i should've informed them! And they wanted to see my ID card from previous work! This is ridiculous because I had to submit my ID card to the office before coming here, but I still have my work certificate from the office and I showed them! Before things started to get more complicated they said, okay let's take some photos. We posed for some group photos. Since I'm a Muslim they also asked me which groups do I follow and whether it's okay to smoke or not in Islam, and it's finished that way.

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    Immigration sometimes do this interview at their office , sometimes at the requester's home , and I guess the main purpose is to know if it is a real marriage , and if the address is correct .

    The question about why you didn't go to their office before the marriage is not usual , I think . Anyway , yes , there is no Regulation (as far as I know) mandating the foreigner do that (I didn't do that too , when I married here) .

    About the previous work , I guess they were checking if you didn't do anything illegal before .


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      Hello Marcus thanks for your clarification. I want to know one more thing, my visa expiration date is March 15, and i still haven't got my kitas yet. So would I need to extend my visa one more time till I get my kitas? Even though I asked the immigration officer, he said I don't need to extend it. Let me know what do you think about that!


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        I think that the information you got (don't need to extend) is correct .

        Some few years ago Immigration could say that you should extend it , but Permen no.27 , year 2014 states extension can be requested up to the day before a visa/KITAS expires , so this means to me that as far as there is an ongoing Immigration process , the expiry date is not important (obviously they will not finish a extension in one day , so it assumes the process will be finished after the expiration date of the visa/KITAS) .


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          Yes. I'm also thinking like that, and I already have sent my documents to the DITJEN 2 days ago. Normally how many days would it take to finish the process in DITJEN office?


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            Around 10 days . Did you ask them to send the approval directly to your Kantor Imigrasi , as soon as it is issued ?