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How to include family in Visa application

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  • Sam_8888
    started a topic How to include family in Visa application

    How to include family in Visa application


    I'm having some difficulty finding out how to include my family in my visa application. Some background details are:

    - Australian working with Japanese company in Japan.
    - My family is also living here in Japan, my wife and daughter
    - We all have residence cards as a part of my 1 year working visa in Japan
    - Now we are moving to Indonesia, planned around start of this March. I will be working as part of a large construction project with my Japanese employer

    The work 321 visa doesn't seem to be an issue, the human resources team seems to be confident this will be approved for me. The project has a 'block visa' in which many employees are issued with visas as part of this project.

    However when I enquired about the status of my families visas, they were not sure how to proceed. They don't seem to have any experience with including family members in visa applications. Their first response was: 'um we think you can apply for family visa after you arrive in Indonesia', however some quick searching around here seems to indicate I need their visas approved along with mine:

    Is this info up to date? From what I understand, the process is:

    RPTKA Expat placement plan applied for and granted-> TA01 recommendation letter applied for & issued (has this requirement been cancelled?) -> IMTA work permit applied for and granted. Once I have my IMTA, I apply for the VITAS for myself and my family?
    Application step Applicant
    1 RPTKA Worker
    2 DPKK Worker
    3 IMTA Worker
    4 VITAS Worker + dependent family
    5 ITAS Worker + dependent family
    6 KITAS Worker + dependent family
    Thanks for your help.


  • Sam_8888
    Thank you for the advice marcus

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  • marcus
    Originally posted by Sam_8888 View Post
    (1) ... The work 321 visa doesn't seem to be an issue, ...

    (2) However .. about the status of my families visas, ... some quick searching .. seems to indicate I need their visas approved along with mine ...

    (3) Is this info up to date? ...

    (1) It is Visa index 312 , not 321 .

    (2) For sure your family are eligible for Visa index 317 (as your dependents) , but if they can get their Visas together with your Visa is still not clear to me . One member of this Forum told us that to get the visas together , one officer of the Immigration Directorate General told him/her to do the following :
    (a) Request the "telex visa" for the Visa 312 , wait around 10 days for its approval ,
    (b) With the "telex visa" gotten in (a) above , request the other Visas 317 , wait another 10 days for their approval ,
    (c) Go to the Indonesian Embassy with all "telex visas" (for the Visa 312 and 317) and simultaneously request the Visas 312 & 317 .

    (3) It is a little outdated , but basically it is valid (for example , the TA01 doesn't exist anymore) .


    Notes :
    - Telex visa is the Visa's pre-approval (Jakarta's Immigration Directorate General issue it authorizing the Indonesian Embassy abroad to issue the Visa) .
    - VITAS = Visa for a KITAS = Limited Stay Visa (Visa 312 , Visa 317 , ...)
    - KITAS = Limited Stay Permit's card
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