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  • About my current job situation

    Dear Readers,

    Hi, May I consult about my current work situation?

    I am currently working at a pretty big multi national company. This is my fourth year in 2017 with them, in April 2018 I will be exactly 4 years working with them. In the previous years I have all strong performance review. I was thinking that I will get another same review at least this year since I had more over time work hours this year (from the count of claimed over time invoices that got approved). However They reviewed me for poor performance and they kept mentioning at my mistake at work that I barely made.

    They gave me 2 options, first option, I can resign voluntarily by signing a resignation letter within 1-3 moths with no compensation for 3 months or with 1 month compensation for 1 month resignation and they will give good feedback to other company. Second option is I have to take Performance Improvement Program (PIP), they will review me every week/biweekly basis, if I don’t make improvement then they will fire me and will give me 4 months compensation, but with poor performance feedback to other company.

    I am now in the midst of signing the voluntarily resignation letter now since I think this is the better option to take with good feedback. I feel like I am being forced to resign in this company.

    My questions are:
    • Is this legal action by any company to force an employee to resign like this?
    • If it is legal, then I will move on to look for another job which is pretty hard since I am in my middle age and Its been awhile I work with this company.
    • If it is illegal, any action you could recommend I should do next?

    Thank you

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    Because the options given , to me , seem reasonable , I will not look further on your situation , sorry . If you want to check , the Law is UU no.13 , Tahun 2003 , or look the internet for "ACT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NUMBER 13 YEAR 2003 CONCERNING MANPOWER" for the English version .

    If it can help you to decide , I also think (I am not a specialist , though) that your employer did more than the usual to keep you for 4 years . As far as I understand , companies are supposed (after few years - maybe 2) to hire an Indonesian to your position , so getting you so many Work Permits maybe involved some "unusual" procedures .