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  • Interrogated by Immigration

    Friend of mine living in Bali for the past month on a Social Visit Visa got asked to present himself to immigration today. He is being accused of working. They showed him an email that they received. He had to sign a document that apparently stated the fine of 5 years in prison of 500,000,000 rp fine and told that he is under investigation, and he could go home. Apparently someone has reported him.

    That's all info I have, can anyone explain what would the document be, that he had to sign and what does it mean under investigation. And what advise do you have for him.


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    Working without the correct visa and a work permit is a serious offence here. Did immigration take his passport? He should have been given a copy of the document that he signed, get this translated. It is most probably his acknowledgement that immigration have formally advised him of their investigation and the possible penalty if proven. They will now seek evidence of the accusation made in the email.


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      Hi, I am not sure if they have taken his passport. I will try and contact him, what is the difference if they have taken his passport. It sounds like that is the document he had to sign, because he did state that he had to acknowledge the penalty and that he is under investigation.

      What bis the process from here. I am quite worried.


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        Originally posted by donovanc View Post
        (1) ... can anyone explain what would the document be, that he had to sign and

        (2) what does it mean under investigation ...

        (1) It seems a Police's procedure to advise the suspect .

        (2) The Police (based in the Immigration office) will check if he committed a crime of working with a Visa which does not allow him to work (see related part of the Law below) .


        UU no.6 , year 2011
        Article 122
        Shall be punished with imprisonment of up to five (5) years and fined up to Rp500.000.000, 00 (five hundred million rupiah):

        a. any foreigner who deliberately misuse or engage in activities not in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit/ITAS/KITAS given to him/her;