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KTP O-A (foreigners) SKKB (cert of good conduct)

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  • KTP O-A (foreigners) SKKB (cert of good conduct)

    Hi there,

    Am on my second, now permanent KITAP (retirement) I am sponsored by an agent in Denpasar, rather than my Balinese wife as she has acute fits (As I do) at the mere mention of Indonesian Authority.

    Having paid well over 100 Juta over the last 15 years for KITAPs and KITAS, I am now informed by my agent I need a KTP O-A. (KTP for foreigners)

    On searching the internet it appears I should have applied for one a couple of weeks after my first KITAS, but itís perhaps only now that Catatan Sipil is taking charge of ALL residents in Indonesia, and Immigration may be asking to see the KTP O-A that it has come to the forefront.. In theory I just have to report to immigration re the KITAP, (not for a couple of years) but apparently I have to pay for re-entry stamps for the first couple of years, even though I am not leaving the Country.

    To get a KTP O-A my agent says I need a certificate of good conduct from the police, as well as the usual bull manure.

    Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (disingkat SKCK),

    Police Note Certificate (abbreviated SKCK ), formerly known as Certificate of Good Behavior(abbreviated SKKB ) is a certificate issued by the Police containing a criminal record of a person. In the past, when it was named SKKB, this letter could only be granted that had not been / had been recorded to commit a criminal act until the date of issuance of the SKKB.

    I have searched the internet and from what I can find, I do not believe I do need one of these certificates to apply for a KTP O-A

    To make matters worse, my agent says I have to apply to the Denpasar Police (I live in Singaraja) and then send it to Jakarta to be processed. (They of course can do it for me) It may be possible to apply on-line. This would mean scanning fingerprints etc.

    Two queries if anyone can help.
    1. Do I need a SKKB to apply for a KTP O-A
    1. If so can I get this at the local police station.
    i.e., By getting a letter from the Kalapadesa, stamped at the other office (canít remember the name) and going to the Local police station, and then to the Singaraja police station.

    (My step son did this when he applied for a job at the hospital)

    Kind Regards

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    Sorry you are in the hands of an agent its unfortunate , the ktp oa is required after the kitap , I did not need to have an skck ? ,

    you do need to have a 2 year merp for the first kitap but not as I am aware for the second ?

    please let us know your progress , I presume your on a pension kitap ?


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      Originally posted by freemansmith View Post
      1. Do I need a SKKB to apply for a KTP O-A
      1. If so can I get this at the local police station.
      i.e., By getting a letter from the Kalapadesa, stamped at the other office (can’t remember the name) and going to the Local police station, and then to the Singaraja police station.
      1. Yes, you need a SKCK, if the Catatan Sipil insists, In my case they insisted initially during my first KITAP, KTP process; later they said it is ok If i don't provide, but since I wanted to pay minimum amount possible and not take their favour for money, I got one by myself. It is a very simple process in Surabaya POLDA(polisi daerah) and you need to get it from POLDA in bali; local police cannot workout. It took only 2 hours for me to get it, basically after I submitted the docs and the legal fees, it was only 10 mins got the SKCK and the STM card but I required some change on the occupation which ultimately took 2 hours. I need to call my sponsor for change of my occupation mentioned on the SKCK.

      2. No, you need to go to POLDA in bali for this document.

      Hope it helps, let me know if you need any help in Jakarta. Good Luck !!!


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        Originally posted by freemansmith View Post
        (A) ... it appears I should have applied for one a couple of weeks after my first KITAS,

        (B) but itís perhaps only now that Catatan Sipil is taking charge of ALL residents in Indonesia,

        (C) and Immigration may be asking to see the KTP O-A ...

        1. Do I need a SKKB to apply for a KTP O-A

        2. If so can I get this at the local police station ...

        (A) Holding a KITAS , Catatan Sipil issues an SKTT , which is similar to a KTP Orang Asing . Holding a KITAP , you get the KTP & KK Orang Asing .

        (B) I doubt that Catatan Sipil cares to check , but it is required by Law and probably by the city's Regulation too .

        (C) In around 10 years in this Forum , I never heard of Immigration asking to see the KTP OA . I had one for 2 1/2 years , never used it for anything .

        1. Depends on each city's Regulation (Peraturan Daerah) . Here in Bandung (West Java) for example , it is not required , but instead the city requires another type of Police's document , which is the Surat Tanda Melapor/STM , issued by the local Police office .

        2. I don't know . http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...K-from-the-UK? (Police's SKCK , how)


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          Hi there,

          Thanks all, for the replies to my post.

          Got my KTP O-A (err sort of) (your either pregnant or not, the Doctor told my wifeís friend)

          The reasons I applied for a KTP O-A was because my sponsor in Denpasar sent emails out to all their clients saying KITAB and KITAS holders must be registered at the Katatan Sipil, plus subsequent searches on the internet confirmed this, but mainly because some Expats going to immigration for whatever are in some cases being asked for their KTP O-A. My agent also said we needed the SKCK/ SKKB. (Certificate of good conduct from the Police.) to get the KTP O-A.

          For information I have had 3 KITASís and am half way through my second KITAP (Retirement/ pension KITAP), a permanent one where in theory I just have to report to immigration every 5 years and have exit/ entry stamps (MERP) in my passport.

          When my agent did not reply to my email asking for further information, I researched the internet, and then phoned them up to ask about the SKCK/ SKK B. They said you have to go to Denpasar, and then Jakarta, they could do this for me. I do not know what the cost would be, perhaps the Rp120 Juta they have had from me over the last decade and a half was not enough. I emailed them after I spoke on the phone but to-date I have had no response.

          First I spent a few days on the computer, with my Intergalactic Dictionary, and Google Translate to find out the secret Indonesian Language spoken by all in the KNOW.

          What do the letters mean?? SKCK / SKKB, STM, RT / RW, WIN, WIA, POLDA, KTP O-A, SKTT KITAS KITA P Permanent KITAP. MERP KK SUR AT, Plus many more. Elpiji (LPG) Liquid Petroleum Gas dumbos

          Then there are the Offices. Camat, Katatan Sipil, Imigrasi. Police, POLDA, Where are they, what do they do. What is the purpose of the Camat office now Katatan Sipil is dealing with KTPs etc?

          I followed my stepsonís procedure by going to Local Kalapadesa for the domiciles letters. Thatís easy, the difficult part is having them stamped at the Camat Office. I donít go there, (red line) The Local secretary does it for me. They charge him around Rp250K.

          I then went to the local Police station for the STM and SKK B /SKCK. They said go to Singaraja Police station. After taking my fingerprints, the Singaraja Police say go to the POLDA in Denpasar, see what they want and come back. (Denpasar is 4 hours away) They also said the STM is not required if you are getting a SKCK / SKKB, is like a letter from the Almighty.

          Feeling somewhat pissed off and also wondering why the frigging hell I needed these police documents when I have a permanent KITAP. (I could understand Immigration wanting an SKK B/ SKCK from the police) but once you have a KITAB why should you need them for a KTP O-A? After all the idea is to register all Indonesians and KITAS / KITAP holders (presumably including the bad guys) Donít bad guys have to register? Abit like the USA gun laws, only the good people register!

          As I already had all the information I could think of, Permanent KITAP, Passport, Old Passport, Birth Certificate, UK Marriage certificate, Marriage certificate stamped by the British Consular. Late wifeís Death Certificate, My death Certificate (pending) Surat Domiciles from the Kalapadesa (2 letters) stamped by the Kantor Camat. Letter from Jakarta re permanent KITAP, and copies of passport pages with the permanent KITAP stamp . Old sponsor letter from agent. New sponsor letter from my Balinese wife (just in case). Her KK family paper, Her KTP, Her birth certificate, Her passport, My original Visa from Singapore (13 years ago), and many useful documents telling me what I need and things mean etc.

          Copies of all (5 of each just in case) including the old STMs. Pages of photos all different sizes with red and blue backgrounds, a ruler, and a pair of scissors.

          I said to my wife, as Katatan Sipil is only a few hundred yards away, letís go to the lions den and see what they want. This I had suggested my wife a week ago, but she said NO, get the information first.

          We decided to go in alone, (leaving the 50 administrated staff, 20 translators and 15 security personal from the SAS, Navy seals, and Israeli Intelligence and the 35 bemos I rented to carry all the documentation behind)

          SO, we went to the Kantor Katatan Sipil. The place wasnít as big as the offices at immigration, Police, and the Camat. There must have been 50 to 100 people trying to do whatever, but strangely, unlike other offices, the Katatan Sipil staff all appeared to be very busy.

          My wife put on her dormouse voice and went asking for information. We were given a form to fill out, in Indonesian, (My wifeís first language is Balinese) we sat on the wall outside with pen in hand.. We managed that but became stuck at the last question. A student who was well versed in Intergalactic Translations informed my wife that the term TLPs was asking for her telephone number.

          So we then went back inside, (Monday at around went to another information desk, and were frog marched down a small corridor at the back where there were several desks. We were then interrogated by a woman, and handed over information I had in my copy of war and peace.

          My wifeís KK, (family paper) her KTP, My passport, my KITAP, A copy of our UK wedding certificate, Domiciles from the Kalapadesa/ Camat, the form we filled in, and old sponsors letter I had managed to find from my first KITAP. She seemed quiet bemused as I searched through my documentation for information, and a smile broke out as my wife spoke to her again with her humble dormouse tone. (Wish she would speak to me like that) She took the information and put it in a folder I gave her, and said she would ring us tomorrow. My wife said on the form we filled in, you did not need the SKK B/ SKCK unless you were applying with a KITAS for a SKTT.

          SO the following day, up at dawn, cleaned the pool, swept and watered the garden, had breakfast and waited for the call.

          11.30am nothing, what should we do, my wife had forgot her name or TLP (telephone number you dumbo) She had our land line number, as well as mine and my wifeís mobile numbers. Then suddenly my phone rang, my wifeís face dropped as the woman said she had rang dozens of times, but wifeís phone or land line didnít work. (Telkom bloody fibre and my fax sometimes have the face on) I put my long trousers on, nice shoes (I refused to wear socks) and sped at high speed on the speeda motor to Kantor Katatan Sipil in Singaraja. (Lunch time was approaching) Of course it started to rain so we had to stop for some vital minutes to put the rain jackets on. 20 minutes later, at Katatan Sipil my wife phoned the lady up. (we had her number then) we went in, I was fingerprinted, eye-scanned, photographed, and had to sign in blood, (note the use of the English PH in potograf) and asked to wait in a small office.

          About 10 minutes later she approached us, copy of new draft KK (family paper) with now BOTH out names on. She asked if we wanted to wait for the paperwork, as it was lunch time. We decided to wait, I found a free wifi connection from flash seamless, and low and behold after lunch we was given a new KK paper, and KTP O-A (err sort of) but as they had no special paper for the KTP, I (as well as all the Indonesian applying for a KTP) were given an A4 size Surat of information on a KTP O-A, with a note on the bottom saying valid 6 months. Some Balinese friends of mine had also applied for a new KTP a couple of months ago, and were given the same paper with the 6 months validity, so I am confident that it is OK.

          The lady who helped us was OK, she said the charge was Rp175K, my wife gave a little extra, after all if she had not helped us, we may be still camped out in Katatan Sipil with the rest of the population. I texted her when I got home to say thank you, itís the little things that count sometimes.

          A month ago I renewed my speeda and car licences (5 Years) and they also had the same problem. I and all Indonesians are given a confirmation paper by the police and asked to come back in a month, my licences should be available next week.

          PS for information Indonesians issued with E KTPs before 2013 with a 5 year expiry date do not have to renew the KTP as it is valid for life.

          For E KTP and E KTP O-A see Article 63 Par 7 of

          See also
          But you will have to google translate it.

          Note if you use Chrome, you may have to check with Firefox, as Chrome does not load many sites, including this Forum it considers to be unsafe.


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            Great rendition of an "heroic struggle" with the beloved bureaucracy , and you did without an agent ! congrats .


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              Originally posted by freemansmith View Post
              ... Got my KTP O-A ...

              Thanks for all stories , I forgot the time even after my bed time .