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  • Buying Real Estate in Bali

    Hi AllI

    I'm looking at buying land or a villa in Bali right now, hak milik, not leasehold. I know about the ownership issues. My wife is Indonesian (Jawa Tengah), we've been married 10 years, and have kids, so the property will be in her name. We have a prenup so sorted that issue before marriage. We live in Malaysia and have been to Bali many times. My sense is that the prices in Sanur and Seminyak are over inflated, plus traffic congestion is way out of hand, so I am looking to North Bali, like Buleleng - Lovina/Air Sanih area. Prices seem to be a bit more realistic there.

    I know Agung will have an effect on any rental value for awhile, but my main purpose for buying is so that I will have a place to retire to in 3-4-5 years. Thus, the main purpose is not rental. I'm currently houseless (don't own property), so I''d like to buy something now so I don't have to sort that out after I retire.

    I saw some posts in other threads about Bali real estate being over priced and the market being dead. I'm looking for other candid comments about the market, and any insights Bali residents may have on North Bali. Other points of view also are welcome, like why not Malaysia (a possibility), Singapore (probably not), the U.S., etc. Also, I looked at Lombok, but I got the sense that owners/developers expected Bali prices and Lombok is not Bali.

    Ah, I also noticed that they say they have established the location for the North Bali airport. Any opinions on how that may affect quality of life around Lovina/Air Sanih?