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Short term work assignment for KITAP holder ??

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  • Short term work assignment for KITAP holder ??

    Hello, I appreciate any help with my query!

    Have held a KITAP for almost 5 years. Live off savings.

    A friend of my wife who works for an institution associated with a famous university has said that her institute is looking for a native language speaker for conversation classes for a couple of hours a week. She had this conversation with my wife. I did not directly ask her about the exact requirements if different from above.

    Don't need the money and would not expect any serious remuneration if I am in fact an acceptable candidate. However, I also do not want to work for nothing if there is a substantial workload and/or they sell my services for a "significant" sum of money to locals.

    Question to those reading this post, on this blog, is

    - if, in light of the foregoing, I decide to agree to work for free. Do I require any type of work permit if I volunteer to work for free besides expenses, let us say Rp 30K per day to cover eg Ojek transport. Or am I not allowed to have any reimbursement at all?

    - if in light of the foregoing, I decide to agree to work for standard payment. How many hours per week do I have to work in order to be required to have my employer arrange a work permit on my behalf?

    Again, this is educational work for an branch of an state educational institution. At present I don't know if they have had prior experience with short term/long term work assignment for foreigners and whether they arranged work permit issues. Also I don't know if we can stretch the definition of seminars, which business visa holders can apparently engage in without an IMTA being required, to a KITAP holder such as myself.

    Again, thanks for any help.

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    Is your wife an Indonesian citizen and the sponsor of your KITAP ? If not , who is your KITAP's sponsor ?