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Just Converted My KITAS to KITAP Aug 2017

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  • Just Converted My KITAS to KITAP Aug 2017

    I just recieved my KITAP on Aug 9th 2017. It is the real plastic card not the PDF email.

    Last Aug 2017 I received a spouse sponsored KITAS, the process took about two months. It should have been shorter but we had to have some back and forth dialog with the local immigration office (Cipinang, Jakarta Timur), about the format of the USA Embassy marriage document. Also since my Indonesian wife of 40 years, could not sign her name due to a stroke, they allowed her to give a thumb print.

    So this year I was just planning to just renew my KITAS for another year, when at an Idul Fitri party, I was talking to one of my nieces husband who works in Immigration in Bandung. He suggested that instead of another KITAS that I should just get a KITAP.

    Here is the process I went through converting my KITAS to KITAP.

    Basically it is the same documentation that I used for the KITAS, just had to fill out new Form 24 and 25.
    Provide updated Sponsor letters, change KITAS to KITAP.

    On Monday morning July 10th 2017 went to the Cipinag East Jakarta Immigration office, it is only 1km from my house, and dropped of my paperwork, Passport and KITAS, got a receipt, and was told to wait for the home inspection three to four days

    To my surprise that afternoon, three men from Immigration, stopped by to do the home inspection. They were the same who did the home inspection form last year for my KITAS, and they remembered me.

    On Thursday morning July 20, went to Cipinang Immigration office, to get my Photo and fingerprints taken, and get two copies of my documents to take to the other immigration offices.

    On Monday morning July 24, took a copy of my documents to Kantor WILAYAH immigration in Cawang.

    On Wednesday July 26, picked up the letter from Kantor WILAYAH in Cawang and took it and a copy of all the documents to the DJEN office in Kuningan.

    On Wednesday Aug 2nd went to Cipinang Immigration office, to pay for 5 year KITAP and 2 year MREP. You have to pay through bank BNI. RP5.005.000

    On Monday Aug 7th went to Cipinang Immigration office, picked up stamped Passport, but they made a mistake and printed up a KITAS card instead of a KITAP card. Had to come back later.
    On Wednesday Aug 9 went to Cipinang Immigration office, and picked up KITAP card.

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    Thanks for sharing , MinangMan . You are the first to tell us about this bank payment . By the way , aren't you mistaken ? I paid Rp3'700'000 +Rp1'750'000 + Rp55'000 = Rp5'505'000 .


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      You are correct it was Rp5'505'000


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        Hello dear MinangMan,

        thanks for sharing.
        I'm on my run now for alih status ITAS ke ITAP.
        At my immigration office, they told me, I still have to pay cash, as usual.
        However, I've got a question. How long took the Direkturat Jenderal Imigrasi Jakarta to process your paperwork?
        At the moment my documents are at Kantor Wilayah, next week I'll bring the documents personally to DirjenIm Jakarta. Thank you in advance!