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The Letter of Attorney STAMPED (Materai Rp.6000)

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  • The Letter of Attorney STAMPED (Materai Rp.6000)

    Hello everyone, I want to know how to have the letter of attorney stamped (materai rp.6000). Can someone give me a instruction?

    anyway, I live abroad. Thank you

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    Hi Sally,

    For what purpose?
    if for formality, you may type it and just put legal stamp (materai rp.6000) and sign on the stamp
    if for legal (higher security level), you may go to notary and ask them to create it


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      Hi Josey,

      I'm not really sure it for formality or legal because it's just a Festival ticket and I want it to give to my friend. But it was my name on the ticket with the code.

      I asked someone from the Fes, and they only told me that I need to have the letter of attorney stamped (materai rp.6000).

      So, what's your opinion? Is it formality or legal?


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        If they're asking for it .. makes sense to create the letter stating the purpose - to purchase the ticket, allow someone to purchase the ticket on your behalf, transfer ownership of the ticket ... whatever you need ... and then affix the stamp (which you can get at any postal office/kios) ... and sign over it. Easy enough to comply.
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          Thanks so much wm, i got that 👍🏽