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Dependent of eks-WNI (Visa 318 Repatriation)

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  • Dependent of eks-WNI (Visa 318 Repatriation)

    I am an eks-WNI wanted to apply for Visa 318 Repatriation using Vitas-to-Kitas path, but confused on what & how to apply for my WNA kids (they were born in Australia).

    1. I am about to apply for Sponsor Approval Letter (by Personal) which require my ex-WNI papers. Should my kids apply under seperate WNA path? how?

    2. When time comes to apply for Kitas/Kitap, will my kids apply under my category (as dependent of eks-WNI) or seperate WNA path?

    3. I noticed there is a dependent visa for kitas/kitap holder (Visa 317), will they require to follow this path? which mean they can only apply after I got my kitas.

    4. Will Sosbud-to-Kitas path more suitable and hassle-free in my case?

    Seeking your suggestions and input. Appreciate.

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    1. By the way , I never heard of a "Sponsor Approval Letter" , where did you see this ? I suppose you refer to the "Telex Visa" , which is the VITAS' pre-approval/authorization .

    Your kids are eligible for "family unification" VITAS/KITAS , or as we usually call as dependent VITAS/KITAS .

    2. See above . We normally call your VITAS/KITAS as VITAS/KITAS for ex-Indonesian .

    3. This detail I don't know . Theoretically your kids would be eligible for the VITAS when you already hold a VITAS , but it does make a lot of sense if issued simultaneously .

    4. It is difficult to say because now it seems it is easy to get a Telex Visa for VITAS online . But I guess that if you choose VITAS you need to be sure all documents are ready (for example , the sponsor's KK/KTP is updated , ...) as you will have only one month to present it to your local Kantor Imigrasi .

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...n-ex-WNI/page4 (Audrienne's KITAS as ex-Indonesian)


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      Thanks a lot for your expert insight Marcus.

      1. You are right, it is a Telex Visa. I was following the incorrect name mentioned by customer service at KBRI Sydney when called them.

      2. Good info, will check this option at imigrasi Online Services.

      3. Yes make sense, especially all efforts in document preparation

      4. Point taken. As my documents are in order and need kitas quite early for my kids school registration I will try Vitas path. I was also told through imigrasi CS WA number that telex visa has 2mo validity period and vitas is 3mo (which has 30days period for kitas conversion once entered into the country), in case I need to buy time before using it.


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        If I look at imigrasi website on Visa 317, the challenging documents needed for "family unification" VITAS/KITAS are "copy of KK and VITAS/KITAS"
        I will not have those until both obtained. Thus, my kids may need Sosbud Visa while waiting for above docos available.
        Please correct my understanding if otherwise.


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          Originally posted by chrismon View Post
          ... the challenging documents needed for "family unification" VITAS/KITAS are "copy of KK and VITAS/KITAS" ...

          As I never did it and never saw this information in this Forum , I don't know . This kind of doubt is one the negative points in online systems , people usually make a system which is too generic and don't give enough explanations . This "family unification" includes a husband or wife joining the Indonesian spouse , and kids joining Indonesian father or mother , and kids joining foreign father or mother holding KITAS , and then it happens that sometimes one requirement is not applicable to all cases . So I would not discard the possibility of you getting the kids VITAS simultaneously with your VITAS . I would talk to a reliable immigration officer to confirm this .

          Another way of getting simultaneous VITAS would be if you know already the school where your kids will study . Schools can sponsor VITAS index 316 .


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            Spoke with custservice @DirjenImigrasi today and their recommendation is for ex-wni parents to first apply their TelexVisa, Vitas and later Kitas as per indeks 318 (repatriation). At each of visa stage completion, our kids visa application can subsequently be submitted using indeks 317 documents requirement (family unification).

            As for KK, they said ok to use Australian medicare card (as Australia does not produce family card as form of identity).

            As for Kitas document requirement upon applying for kids TelexVisa and Vitas, we can use parent's TelexVisa as replacement.

            Will look into vitas 316 sponsored by their potential school, so far all schools we talked to require Parent's Kitas prior to even doing any placement test.

            Fingers cross all goes smooth.

            Thanks again.


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              Originally posted by chrismon View Post
              Spoke with custservice @DirjenImigrasi today ...

              Do you mean you sent an email today and they answered today too ? The information I had was that it was almost impossible to get Immigration to answer an email .


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                Dirjen Imigrasi office @RasunaSaid have customer service Whatsapp number: 082113767654
                Hour(s) to reply but perhaps a step better than email


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                  Originally posted by chrismon View Post
                  ... As for Kitas document requirement upon applying for kids TelexVisa and Vitas, we can use parent's TelexVisa as replacement ...

                  So you could either :
                  - Get your Telex Visa , then immediately request the kids' Telex Visas , then ask all VITAS together/come together to Indonesia ; or
                  - Get your VITAS , request the kids' Telex Visa and VITAS , then come together to Indonesia .


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                    thx Marcus good input, I have started the online registration and once registered, will opt-in for option 1 above which is a time-effective imho.