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Where to start... PT PMA creation before buying land...Help please!

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    No worries, someone sent me a pm informing me that my post might be unclear. So just to be sure the only legal ways of doing business are:

    - They opened up a PT PMA a couple of years ago when the paid up capital rule was not enforced
    - They actually deposited the full $1mil and have a fully legal foreign owned business in Indonesia.

    And no matter what you do, always consult with a professional, it is surprising how many people fall in the "don't think, just do" category though .


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      Hi there , i am having experience to assist foreigner to establish PT.PMA a couple years ago, but the location is in Jakarta. But if you want to know more about how to establish the PT.PMA just PM me, because its a lot of procedure and explanation based on the business field, company location, and the shareholders.



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        Sent you a PM karl_marx
        please check your inbox


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          In relation to land rights that foreigners may acquire, in this case Foreign Investment Company ("PMA") can be seen in the regulation in Law no. 5 of 1960 on the Basic Regulation of Agrarian Principles ("UUPA") and Law no. 25 Year 2007 regarding Investment ("UUPM").

          In principle, only Indonesian citizens can have ownership rights to land under Article 21 paragraph (1) of UUPA. For foreigners who wish to use a foreign individual's name, they are also unable to obtain property rights to the land. Foreigners (domiciled in Indonesia) may only own the right to use, lease and lease rights, building rights, and tenure rights under the UUPA.

          However, the government provides ease of services and / or permits to PMA as a legal entity established under Indonesian law and domiciled in Indonesia to obtain land title (see Article 21 of the UUPM at

          Or you can consult via chat at, there is a customer service that will help you answer more questions about the establishment of your company, especially for the jakarta area.