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you must register your new passport !!

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  • you must register your new passport !!

    I received my first kitap in 2012 but my passport expired in 2015 and that is no problem .
    I went this week to immigration in Bandung to apply for the permanent kitap but was told that I first had to register my new passport with the immigration office before I can apply for the permanent kitap . This takes 3 days and is free of charge !
    Docs needed :
    -surat permohonan registrasi paspor
    -copy ktp wife
    -copy kk wife
    -my new and old passport + copy
    -kitap +copy
    Buku nikah + copy

    And yes my Indonesian wife is my sponsor .

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    It is the first time I hear about .


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      I was also surprised because I remember that at one time I renewed my kitas with old and new passport and no questions asked !!!
      But I realise that there are now many new faces in immigration Bandung . I actually asked her if this is a new rule but she said that it has always been done this way : new passport has to be registered before they will start the renewal of kitas/kitap !!!!!

      Btw you also need form 27 which I forgot to mention as required doc.

      I actually started today the application for the permanent kitap and the letter for kanwill will be ready on Wednesday which I think is very fast !